Please, I ask of you all

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  1. Please, I ask of you all

    To please help me help my cousin get to the Lord. He is an atheist; however, he has always stuck with me. After everyone turned against me..he stayed my friend, hes more of a friend than anyone has ever been to me. And I want him to believe in God and Jesus so much. I told him all the things that have happened to me, all my experiences and he still doesnt believe In the Lord. Please, I ask of you all..please give me some really good advice to get him to believe. I tried to ask him to go to church with me but he wont. Please help
  2. ask him to listen when people talk,he will hear .:)
  3. I believe that many of us make the mistake of feeling like we can somehow make a person Come to Christ.

    When in fact, faith is a gift.

    Someone may be going through a difficult situation, and with the very best of intentions I might say..."Have Faith."

    As if faith were something they could just pull out of their pocket and have.

    Then suddenly, I am the "HERO" .... I "FIXED" everything for them.

    The fact is that faith, and understanding, is a gift from God.

    We are born with it, however, some of us allow other things to cloud our vision. To hide Jesus from our sight. We violate the 1st commandment, by placing things above God....
    Work, Money, Ourselves, Goals, Aspirations...

    You name it, someone has given it a higher importance that God.

    My advice is, don't worry about getting this person into church.

    He has strayed, and is lost and uncertain.

    Try to think of him as a sheep in a pasture. To him, he has always found food and substinance there.

    But the snow has fallen. The food is gone.

    He is afraid of the bright light in the barn, and does not want to go there.

    Shepherd him.

    Show him that there is no food in the field right now.
    Help him to see that the nights are growing colder.

    Tell him, where YOU find life giving food, and warmth.

    Then... lead him to the church. To the safety of our Lord.

    Remember, you cannot chase sheep anywhere. If you try to, they will scatter.

    But earn their trust and respect, and they will follow you!
    Lead your friend home.

    You will have my prayers, and much more, the promise of Jesus Christ to guide you along this journey.

    You are an inspiration to me. Because God has given you this difficult task, and that reminds me that he trusts in you to complete it.

    Philippians 4:13

    And I truly thank you for reminding me of that very passage this evening!

    God is very much at work in your life.
    You have helped me,..... NOW,... go help your friend.
  4. Wow. What a post! I don't think there is much more to add to this than more prayer for you and your friend, EndTime. And for you, as well, CShultz!:groupray:
  5. I once heard a guy explain how the shepherds in Israel actually work. One thing that really hit home was the fact that the shepherds walk in front of their sheep and the sheep have such trust that they follow the shepherd.

    Atheists are sometimes very hard to witness to because they often do not want to acknowledge that they are responsible to a greater power. I am not saying this is the case for your freind but most atheists fall into this bracket. Atheists can be separated into two distinct groups. There are so called "strong atheists" who absolutely do not believe in any god and there are "weak atheists" who do not believe in a god but accept the possibility of a god.

    The atheist belief is a self defeating belief because to have absolute knowledge that God does not exist requires absolute knowledge over all things which in effect would make the atheist God. Never tell this to an atheist, they hate been told thay are incorrect and actually drives them away.

    Try and find out from your cousin if he really is an atheist. many people say they are atheists but in effect are not really atheists but are mearly people who dont actually know what to believe so they assume they are atheists.

    You have planted seeds in his mind by witnessing to him, let God do the rest. Keep on witnessing to him, let him see the reality of God through you.

    Have faith, I think God has put your cousin with you for a purpose.

    There is an excellent book which defends modern christianity against many questions raised by atheists, skeptics, gnostics, agnostics and critics about christianity. If you want, I can send you the detail vi a PM.
  6. Blaise Pascal's Wager always was a good idea regarding atheism to me. Perhaps it is also a good argument for your friend?
    Pascal, B. (1670). Pensées sur la religion et autres sujets
  7. Even with the deepest concern and the best of intentions we often approch others the wrong way.

    You can't expect to use the same tactic/ manner/ approch as every one else has and get a differant result. He has already built a defence for that.
    Try and discern where your cousin is at with his beliefs/how strong his conviction.
    To do that your going to have to do some things the evangelical church does not promote.

    First !!!! Put your bible away!!!
    That is to say don't try to get him into it just yet. Don't quote from it or try to drag him to it or church.
    Second!!! close your mouth and open your ears. let his talk and actions determine what direction and how far you go.Go as far as you hcan without compromizing your faith. Discern just where he's at and what he doesn't or does believe in.
    This is the hard part do not pass judgment, either confirm or accept or deny his position. Just hear him out. acknowledge his beliefs or lack of them. Make some sacrifices to be with him something he will knowand appreciate. Like ,miss church a few times to spend the time with him. (The church may not approve and most likely won't appreciate it even if they understood why).
    But rest assured he will and so will God.;) Get to know him and let yourself be known by him. The real you.
    Not the version of you that shows up in church every Sunday mornining.
    Everybody has their church persona ,so don pretend you don't.:rolleyes:
    Do not compromize your christian values. But let him know that at least for now you accept him as he is.
    Don't make that chritian line in the sand. You want him to be better treat him like he is or at least can be better, You want him to be a christian? treat him like he is one.

    Patience, patience, patience
    Open the gate for him when ever you get the chance but let him walk through when he's ready .
    Once he starts confiding or moving in that direction encourage him but don't push or pull him to a commitment.
    Introduce him to some of your christian freinds Get him involved through something he likes with out forcing a commitment
    Casualy and slowly start talking more about your feelings tward God. Let him get him used to hearing it.
    Take the time, make the effert, and if he comes to christ great if not at least you and God will know you did your best.

    Oh yea and pray for him and you and that he comes to a saving knowledge of christ. and pray often.

    Sincerely and
    ernestly yours
    and His, Cliff
  8. My suggestion- be there for him. One day his world will come crashing down and his hollow belief system will fail him. That is when you can offer to pray for him and lead him to Christ. I have seen it before, these vocally anti-God types are in denial of what they really need. God is merciful enough to bring them to the end of thier rope and when you get as low as you can go there is only one thing left to do and that is look up.
  9. My advice to you is to just let him be. If you really love him as a friend, you'll respect his position and simply trust that he'll find the light. On the other hand, I bet he's hoping the same of you ;).
    Also, I would recommend against pushing him towards Christ, it might annoy the heck out of him and your friendship could end up in jeopardy because of it.
  10. pardon me .. but I feel a defensive rise here against some of what is being said of atheists. so I'm going to quiet that down.

    I know the Bible says "the fool hath said in his heart there is no God" but I still do not call atheists fools. I was once so. I know there is confidence in faith, but there is room for doubt in the evidence of God. Never label an atheist as someone who "does not want to believe in God" or someone who is "ignorant of the evidence" .. or even someone who "needs to be shown the light" .. look at them as people.. and love them.. pray for them.. they can be changed and renewed by God. do not allow yourself to get in the way.

    and yes, there is hope for atheists. I used to be one. I was a malicious atheist. I hated christianity and all it stood for and I would have made no bones about calling you an ignorant fool following a myth designed to control you. if there was hope for me... there is hope for him.
  11. There is no place so dark and deep that God's love is not deeper still- Corrie Ten Boom. This was written while in a nazi concentration camp where Corrie ( and her whole family) was sentenced for smuggling Jews out of Germany. Her ministry flourished in those barrracks- the point is the greater the darkness the more the light of God's love will shine. Do not give up!
  12. Oh yes! There is always hope! [​IMG]There has been good advice, all around, and cant add much more to it except to reiterate that you cannot force someone to come to Christ. Leave him in the hands of God and let the Holy Spirit woo him. Keep being his friend and showing him the love of God in your daily life. That is the best witness there is, living out your faith in front of him, without shoving it down his throat.
    Sad to say, this is a hard lesson I'm having to learn with my family. Having to learn that not everyone appreciates the bible like we do. Not everyone will enthusiastically embrace Christianity just because we are one! And sometimes, there is worse things than aethism![​IMG]
  13. If it has not been said already " though we may love and speak the truth isn't it the Holy Spirits job to bring people unto Christ...? I agree... Listen, listen, listen... as long as you know you are strong enough in the Spirit to not be swayed to his beliefs system... Jesus is full of Joy and Laughter so have a good time with your friend as He would... Of course as long as its not sinning... You be lead by the Holy Spirit as what to do and say:groupray:
    1. Mark 10:21
      And Jesus, looking upon him, loved him, and He said to him, You lack one thing; go and sell all you have and give [the money] to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come [and] accompany Me [ walking the same road that I walk].
    2. John 11:5
      Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus. [They were His dear friends, and He held them in loving esteem.]
    3. John 13:1
      [NOW] BEFORE the Passover Feast began, Jesus knew (was fully aware) that the time had come for Him to leave this world and return to the Father. And as He had loved those who were His own in the world, He loved them to the last and to the highest degree.
  14. "If I make my bed in hell.. I know You are with me.."
  15. Aight thanks. I will keep all of your replies under consideration. Please, pray for him too. His name is Dustin.
  16. He has told me before that he believes there is a God. But he does no believe in the Christian God. How do you all think I can use this to show him the way?
  17. I love to point out to people that Jesus was either God or a liar and that His miracles could only be real or fake. Since He performed His miracles in front of thousands of witnesses even His enemies cannot deny them. The fact that His enemies had to find excuses for His miracles ( blaming the devil etc) instead of denying what so many witnessed is proof in itself. His enemies were His witnesses.
  18. Well you guys..I feel terrible sorrow right now, I am also ashamed because I am drunkened, but I am not afraid to let you all know. But I have tried and he does not want to know the truth for some reason..and I do not understand why people try to come up with excuses like 'delusional'..etc. because all u have to do is attempt to worship God and you will know the truth. I tried to make a deal with him to worship the Lord on the 'Holy Ghost stance' and he denied it. I dont know what else to do. I feel it is too late..I already made this a def note in my own mind that this is the last night I drink and that is usually when I hang out with him so I feel this is the last chance..I feel so sorry that he could not believe in the truth. You know, the rest of the world thinks of it as religion, but I know whats happening, I KNOW God is the realness, and some people think we are just people that have religion..but they know not what they are doing. I feel bad that he didnt convert to the truth..but life must go on. Praise be to Jesus.
  19. Oh, Endtime, take heart, brother. It's true that not all will hear the truth and believe. Look at the so called desciples that walked away from Christ, and he was right there in front of them. While it may seem of little consolation that you may have done all you believe you could do, and all that God asks of us all, by presenting the truth to your friend, that is indeed what you have done. Do not lose faith in the power of God to open the eyes of the blind. This is a power that none of us posess. When someone hears and believes, it is the work of the Holy Spirit in them, not just in us. .

    I believe the evangelist must look at themselves as Moses, wanting to lead there brothers and sisters to what God has promised them. Keep in mind that Moses was faithful, as long as he allowed himself to be the mouth of God, and followed God's directions. But moses got overzealous, and he hit the rock with his staff when God told did not tell him to. God rebuked him, because Moses took it upon himself to act, instead of listening to God and obeying.

    Speak and act when the spirit moves you,as He directs you to, and you will see the enemy defeated by the power of God. take itupon yourself to "save" somone, and that is exactly who you will have with you in the fight. Yourself. DId Jesus before his ascention tell the desciples to wait, until they were visited by the Holy Spirit, to go out and begin spreading the Gospel?

    Obviously, God 's will is that either you are not the one to lead your friend to Him, or that now is not the time it will happen. It may not happen at all. But you cannot know enough about the future to condem your friend to death because he didn't listen to what you had to say this night. Jesus healed many because of the faith of others. SO please do not give up on God. His way is the only way that anything can happen, and when you see this, you will have peace in the knowledge that God is in control, and He knows the way.
    Peace and blessings to you

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