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    I've got 2 *main* questions:

    1. John 10:30 "I and the Father are one."
    Is that in the context of Jesus and God as a single being, or two individuals with a common goal?

    2. What is the purpose of partaking in the sacrament, is it vital to the faith? If it is, and I'm not going to church, what can I do about it? Also, regarding the sacrament, are only males (and/or pastors/priests) "authorized" to pass it?

    I hope someone can help me with these... :)

    sorry I'm not too sure if this is supposed to be posted in the doctrine segment.. :S
  2. 1. In context, you could take John 10:30 either way, except that these "individuals" are both God; see John 1:1

    2. Nothing is vital to the faith but faith itself. Of course, certain behaviors are expected as a result, but these follow faith rather than lead it. As for "officials" administering "sacraments", it's not in the New Testament at all. There is nothing at all that must be done by any kind of official. As for who can be an elder or teacher or prophet, the Holy Spirit does not give out gifts in pink and blue boxes; the flesh doesn't matter. Nobody has authority but Jesus; see Mat. 28:18. The Bible, being from God, is authoritative, but not the people who read it or teach it.

    Your question seems to come from a Roman Catholic perspective, but what I said is what I see in the Bible.
  3. Hmmm I wasn't aware that my thoughts seemed Catholic.. I was in a Catholic school for 6 years though.. hahaha Seriously though, it's just some points that I've been wondering about after church hopping for awhile. I've never gotten answers to the questions in the churches I'd visited so I didn't stay..

    What does a teacher in the faith mean, and by prophets, are there still living ones today?
  4. Basically, it means a Bible teacher, someone who has studied it and is acknowledged as having a good understanding of it. As for prophets, we have to understand that "to prophesy" doesn't always mean telling the future. It also means explaining the things of God, which is pretty much what a teacher does, but can also include having a special message from God. The Bible tells us that those who are considered prophets are always to test what each other says and consider whether it really is a message from God (1 Cor. 14:29). Knowing the Bible helps us to do that, because no new message from God would contradict what is written in the Bible.

    There are many today who claim to be given messages, dreams, or visions of the future from God. I'm willing to believe that some of these are genuine, but many are not, as proved by the fact that what they predict doesn't happen. But I don't believe that anyone living today is an authoritative prophet who could write scripture or speak "thus saith the Lord".
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  5. Would this mean that women can't teach in a church setting? (1 Cor 4:37-38) Unless I'd mistaken the gist of those verses..
  6. Um... there's no 1 Cor 4:37-38. Anyway, women certainly can teach in a church setting, since God looks on the heart rather than the flesh. Of course many people disagree, but that's what I see in scripture.
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  7. YES there are real prophets living today that can say thus sayeth the Lord.
    Just because what is said did not happen does not mean it was NOT GOD...
  8. That would be both.....
  9. My bad, it was chapter 14.
  10. Could you elaborate a little more on this please?
  11. @3nails+1cross=4GIVEN Hi,
    partaking in the sacrament,.....
    I would concentrate on simply being born again and filled with His spirit.
    Even getting baptised would be good. For the other......I wouldnot even concern myself with sinse you stated you are not catholic but went to a school for 6 years.....
    I hope I understood you correct.
  12. Sure will, sorry this slipped through but I am writing a reply...sorry
  13. Ok Here we go,
    In John 1 you read that the word was with God and the word was God. (remember)
    Ok now in 1 Peter 23 you read.....Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by The Word Of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

    I wrote those to make this point....We are born again by the word of God just like Jesus was.

    Look at it this way......there is a pie sitting on your table that has been cut into three (3) pieces. Now if you look at the pie it looks like one big pie.
    Now imangine this..
    One piece is God
    One Piece is Jesus
    One piece is the Holy Spirt.

    Now on the inside it looks like one great big pie but you can take a piece out and set it on the counter... Just as God is was Jesus and the Holy spirit.....Now Jesus was sent to be born into a virgin to grow and become a human man. To fullfill His purpose here on earth.

    That is why Jesus said ..if you have seen me you have seen the Father, for they are one and yet they are as 3.
    I hope this helps some...if you have any more questions....all you have to do is ask...
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  15. #1 Yes, Jesus and the Father are One including the Holy Spirit. Three manifestations of the Same. Man (and women) is three parts too - Body, Soul, Spirit - yet one person.

    #2 Taking the communion is to do what the word implies, to commune - fellowship. In this case, to remember what Jesus did on the cross for us. I don't go to church and so I buy the unleavened bread (matzah) and some red wine and have my own communion with the Lord, remember His work on the cross. The Jews don't understand, but they do it anyhow: the Matzah bread must be punctured, and baked.


    To make wine, you must take grapes and squeeze out the juices and let the sugar turn to vinegar.

    So how does this apply to us and the communion?

    Jesus was pierced for our sins, John 19:37, Psa 22:16 and was offered vinegar for His thirst, Matt 27:34, Psa 69:21. The Bread of Life died (unleavened bread)!
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  16. Did I miss it with sacrament,?
    I asked and got a different answer and perhaps I should have googled it...
    If it is communion then I appologize for the incorrect information.
    I take communion here as well and should even do so more then I do.
    For give me if I spoke incorrect....
    Jim...Edit....I see there are seven different types of catholic sacraments and communion is one.....from now on I double check things before posting....again I am sorry
  17. I don't think you did anything wrong. For me I interpreted the question concerning communion, but it could have been some other sacrament. I chose communion because of her words "partake" and when she said "men pass it" again I envisioned the bread and wine. I grew up Catholic, but am not one now which might explain my understanding of the question. Indeed there are more than one "sacrament" and only saw it was about "one" and I chose communion :D
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  18. Abdictate Good Morning,
    Thank you and you are a wise man !
  19. :notworthy: Thanks for the kind words. I thank the Lord for His gifts and glory! :)
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  20. Amen Brother Amen......

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