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  1. Hello everyone

    As you all know by now I'm a youth leader at church.
    And I'm always about creating new traditions and love to modernised every thing.
    Create new traditions.
    So this term it's my turn to plan the old age home, our normal tradition is that everyone brings cookies and we make small packets and we hand them out. And sing songs.

    I need new ideas for small presents for my previously youthed people.

    Your ideas would be much appreciated.

    Can't wait to hear everyones ideas.

    Thank you all
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  2. I am a bit weary about 'new traditions', though I like the idea of variation within an old tradition. Sometimes a new tradition leaves out the point of the old tradition.
    I still would provide the cookies (basic needs) but offer something else as well. Example, a napkin (for the cookie) printed with a picture of Jesus Christ expressing love (no words needed).
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  3. I would think the best the young people could do is listen. The elderly would love to feel needed again and tell you how they feel and what they think. They might be surprised that that there is someone (the Lord) who understands.
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  4. Some good creatives here!
    well I notice in the old folks home where I work they love comedy.
    Now I've always fancied doing a puppet show for some strange reason.

    Would you even be able to do a Jesus puppet show?
    How would it go?
    Blessings quintas
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  5. My husband has alzheimer's and will soon be in a home for people with that. It is a bit more than just an "old folks" home, in fact, you don't have to be old there, but I am thinking that many old folks in those homes have a form of dementia so what works for some won't for others. I am thinking that music is always a winner..As for little coloring is something they like. Even I like that and so do other younger people as it is becoming popular. There are likely books with pictures of Jesus and other biblical scenes to color. Of course, they would need colored pencils or markers. So may be a bit too expensive.but just a thought which could lead to other thoughts.

    One thing comes to mind. If you could provide each one with an individual special cupcake or cake just for them, not a piece off a bigger cake. I notice my husband really like anything "just for him" especially if it is pretty. He even eats better if his food is arranged nicely on his plate. Or his own special cookie on his special dish. Not just a bag of cookies on the table for him to reach.

    If you wrap little gifts be sure to put a very nice bow on each one. I remember when I was in high school eons ago (well, decades ago anyway) our church youth group visited what we then called a "nursing home." One very elderly woman there cried when we gave her a small present (I think it was a nice scarf) wrapped up so pretty. She especially loved the ribbon. That has been in my memories all of my life. It meant so much to her.

    Bless you for doing this. God surely is delighted. And you won't forget it. :)
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  6. Still go with the cookies, but, make them big cookies, and have someone 'ice' individual names onto them. Wrap them beautifully. There's nothing nicer than receiving a present that is just for you. x
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  7. Yes, something everyone likes for sure! :)
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  8. What a great idea, dolarossa, I used to teach drama (not puppets though) but some of my students in my classes had done puppet shows..I think it will work and be entertaining as well as beneficial. :)
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  9. Your thoughts about coloring gave me a thought... that if they could have copies of coloring book pages and each member of the group could sit down and color with the person, and bring their crayons of colored pencils to share it wouldn't be very expensive.
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    Many of the folks struggle with some type of diabetes or other sugar no no regulations.

    You don't want to just start feeding them sugar of any kind....

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  11. foods - seniors like bananas - easy to eat with dentures -
    and puddings - something soft -
    and nutritional drinks/food supplements like boost

    items - small packets of kleenex
    and pens
    note pads
    laniards - to hang keys around their neck

    that's all i can think of right now
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  12. This is good as a whole, But..... Absolutely nothing should be given without FIRST Consulting with a nurse for every patient or resident.

    Residents may have allergies or limitations via medicines they take etc.

    This goes for any kind of item. Some items may actually be dangerous to a particular resident.

    Always check with the Supervisors of the home. ALWAYS.
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  13. amen

    and they might have good ideas also for small gifts to give
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  14. Exactly.
    I added some as you were reading as well.
    Some residents if given a pen or something may end up severely hurting themselves or others.

    Without may not ever get permission to return and could end up with charges filed against you.

    Be smart and play it safe.....Always Ask!!

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