Please help. 13 year old son very scared at night

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Lance Briley, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. A little background first about our Family.
    We are a Christian Family that attend a non-denominational church in our city. We send my kids to a Christian private school their whole lives. We have three kids. Our oldest daughter is 26 and graduated college. She's married to a wonderful Christian man that is working on his Masters in Theology right now. Our second daughter is 17 and a Junior in high school. Great girl, great grades. Our son is 13 and he is also a great kid, very talented boy. He plays the guitar quite well, Plays the drums. Plays Football and Basketball. My wife and I have been married 27 years and all is well.
    All of my kids have had times when they were scared and had to sleep on a pallet on the floor for a night throughout their raising. All of which seemed normal. About two months ago my son got really scared and said he saw a ghost in his room. He ended up sleeping on a mat in our room for 3 nights in a row over it. I talked him through it and he went back to his room. Then just two weeks ago he said he felt something tug on his covers and felt the presence of a ghost in his room. He has been in our room for nearly two weeks now and he will not even consider going back to his room. He even says that the ghost has pulled off his covers in our room. He is so afraid and he is 100% convinced that this is happening to him. No one else in the house is experiencing anything. We are concerned about how this is affecting him. His sleep is not near as good and we are concerned about it eventually affecting his self confidence.
    I wanted to ask other Christian brothers and sisters how they think we should handle this. Any suggestions would be great. Otherwise I am asking for prayer for him.
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  2. Welcome Lance to cfs! Its great to have you here.

    As you get acquainted with cfs, please take the opportunity to read through the procedures and policies and through the topics that cannot be discussed. These will ensure your time here is beneficial to all.

    If you have any questions please feel free to pm a staff member and they will be sure to graciously help in any way they can.

    Blessings of grace and peace be yours and your family's in abundance

    I am going to put a copy of this also in the prayer request area. We have a wonderful bunch of members that will be praying for your son!

    My suggestion is to bind the spirit of fear from him and loose peace (Matthew 18:18) And find verses such as
    Psalms 4:8
    I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep:
    for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.

    And others to read outloud with him. Allow the Word to wash over him, and get sown down into his spirit to bring him peace. Find (and ask God to show you) passages of Scripture that will show him that God is always protecting him and watching over him. Ps 23 and ps 91 are good to read over, pray and speak over him as well.
    Also remind him of 1 John 4:4...Greater is He that is in him, than he that is in the world. And read to him, and have him meditate on the Scriptures in Hebrews that lets him know that Jesus defeated the devil, and that he no longer has any power over us whom believe in Jesus as our savior. (Hebrews 2:14-15). Also remind him that he has an angel that is assigned to protect him at all times (Hebrews 1:14). For The Word says that God will not leave us nor forsake us. And that is the reason why we have the Holy Spirit, whom we received when we made Jesus Lord of our lives.

    Will keep you all in our prayers!
    God bless
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  3. Thank you, some of this we have done and we will get started on the rest. Thank you so very much for the prayers!
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  4. Your certainly welcome! It is our pleasure to serve God's people as God leads :)
    In my experience, renewing the mind to God's protection and resisting to take ahold of the fear, takes more than one time. That spirit of fear is persistent and if one does not know how or does not have the desire (some people feel like they just can't resist because it's to strong or hard), then the washing of the Word will take time to grab ahold of, because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). I imagine he is a strong young man and once he has the tools and knowledge, he will put this attack from the enemy under his feet, and be victorious. For God is always faithful, and He watches over His Word to make it come to pass (Isaiah 55:10-12)

    Another good Scripture for him to memorize is Isaiah 54:14, 17.
    And Philippians 2:13

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  6. Lance Briley
    Welcome to cfs,
    I will be standing with you and your family and others here in this time.
    We have some Good Praying members in here and I know they will stand strong.

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  7. Welcome Lance! :D

    I'm very sorry to hear about your son. Can you tell me what happened two months ago? Getting the answer may not be easy. Ask him if he did anything with an ouija board, tried drugs, or played with any idols. There is a cause and effect. Objects can and do hold spirits and most of us are truly unfamiliar with that realm. I ask, not to place blame or suggest wrong doing, but playing with fire can get you burned, and you will heal once treated. You can pray in general for deliverance, and it will work, but and until the cause is realized, it may be something still present. These manifestations are just evil spirits, and they need to be dealt with, but they usually come without a cause, especially for Christians. A door has been opened and you need to find out how. It may not be your son, it may be you or your wife. We do things sometimes without thinking that causes these doors to open, allowing the devil access to our lives. This isn't a judgment on my part, I have been guilty and I have suffered for my ignorance and sin. A lot of American Indian paraphernalia are actually curses to white people for what they did to the Indians. Masks and posters of mythical creatures from video games, and the like. Jewelry with symbols that are far eastern. There are a LOT of things that can open these doors. Pray as you go through your house and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to it. Then immediately remove it from your property. Most Christians don't believe this is possible. Pray and anonoint as you go.

    Just my thoughts. Praying for you all.
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  8. Or just be the same attacks of fear over and over.
    Edit add in. I say this since it was said the other kids have gone through the same thing.
    What's the history of the house ?
    I agree with brother Abdicate about cleansing the house and exercising your Godly Authority.
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  10. Hi my beloved bro. N sis.

    I underwent more than this when I came in Lord Jesus in2012 .but because of lack of knowledge I was suffering. (Prior I was stubborn idol worshiper). Soon I Joined one strong church. (strong means based on pure sound word of God).in house group meeting all church member raised hands gave praise to Jesus, take authority in Jesus name And cast out him. Many anointed saw evil spirit fleeing away. Then elder ask me to cover myself in blood of Jesus .
    Plz remind ur son Jesus loves him And gave himself for him And his blood cleanses him protect him. Also one most important thing my fellow bro. N sis forget. After this ask him to welcome Holy Spirit a promised helper from Lord Jesus.

    Just do it! And see you shall see your son walking in God's splendor .
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  11. I read something about praying while burning/ smoke sage to cleanse the house but I wasn't sure about that.
    Your thoughts ?
  12. Greetings Sir,
    I would replace the burning sage with Scriptures.
    It's the word of God that has the power and authority.

    I personally would start by digging in to His word and getting it before your eyes and in your mouth. ( The entire family )
    Get the entire family and take communion with the Father and present His word that you are standing on.
    Listen for any directions and then take your stand and cast out any evil.

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  13. I also would add...get some olive oil (or whatever you have) ask God to bless it and then put a little on your finger anoint different places in the house. Kind of like the children of Israel did in Egypt to protect themselves from the angel of death. I would do that over every door in the house. One of the Scriptures that Jim and I pray is Ps 91.

    Lance, if your not comfortable doing this on your own maybe call another couple that your close with and then as they are in agreement with you, it can help your confidence.

    From what I understand the burning sage thing is what other religions or the world would do.

    But definitely ask God to guide you, if there is anything that may seem harmless, but is not. Things we may not think would cause problems, can open doors to the enemy. Even things we do or use on a regular basis.

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  14. Lance Briley Praise the Lord!!! While I was typing my comments to you last night, I had a great oppression and I thought it might have been because of what I was trying to teach you, I went to bed very early feeling sickly - which happens when you shed light on the enemy. My daughter had very Satanic dreams last night too. Tonight, she showed me a book her new boss gave everyone at their annual meeting. She had worked 14 hours yesterday and never told us, and as she was so exhausted, she went right to bed. Tonight, she showed us the book. The front cover was odd, but the inside flap spoke to us all with enticing words. Then I read the back cover. The author was a shaman from the Mexican Indians and his lineage was from "great" healing shamans, wisdom from the "ancient ones." Then I asked by daughter when she got this book. She explained it was yesterday and she brought it home last night and left it in her purse. We all suffered for it. When I discovered the enemy's tool, I took it outside, tore it up and threw it in the garbage. I returned inside, and we all prayed. Immediately, I felt better, my son said the shooting pain in his kidney left and the oppression was gone. Things carry spirits. This was a great reminder to us. "Be careful little eyes what you see..."
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  15. When my son was in his early 20s he had a demon actually pin him in his bed to the point he couldn't move. Of course he had opened many doors through practicing sin and basically threw out a welcome mat to allow this to happen. But I also had a dear Christian friend that the same thing happened to (pinned to her bed) and all she did was call for Jesus and it left.
    You Lance have the spiritual authority as the head of your home. I would advise that you forbid that tormenting spirit from harassing your son. Our enemies are already defeated by Christ's blood so put them in their place. They need to fear us, not the other way around. Also tell your son if he feels afraid to call out for Jesus. He never fails us.
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  16. I too experienced a ghost before. My stereo would come on for no reason, printer came on by itself and printed a face one time, One night I woke up to a ghost of a little girl standing by my bedside. I prayed for God to bless the House and after that I never experienced that presence again.

    The second time in my life I had close encounters was when I was watching ghost adventures all the time on TV. I started to experience some paranormal activity after that in my own house I realized that my interest in the topic probably allowed some spirits in that I didn't there.

    The best defenses in my opinion for unwelcomed spirits is the following:

    a) Always try to stay in the state of Grace
    b) Pray and ask God to remove those spirits from your house (or ask a devout believer to do it)
    c) Have religious pictures, statues, crosses, etc in your House
    d) Keep holy water in your house

    I will also say a prayer tonight that the presence in your son's bedroom leaves him alone.
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