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Are You an Out Door Christian ?

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  1. YES

  2. NO

  1. That is OUT Door Christian
    Hello Every One,
    I pray all of you are doing well and excited in what the Lord is doing in your lives these days.
    Now then If you like the out doors and do some kind of activity such as .....
    Taking Pictures
    Mountain climbing
    and so forth please cast a yes vote and if you do not enjoy these kind of things please cast a no vote. Poll is open for one week.

    Thank you for you time and may God Bless you with something nice for simply taking a minute and doing a brother a huge favor.
    God Bless You
  2. Does soccer count?
  3. Sure ...why not.
  4. Hello Jim.. I think the title of the post is spelled incorrectly.. Our Door instead of Outdoor..
  5. Juk you know I was going to list all the sports like base ball and racing and everything and then decided to keep it a little more simple.
    But to answer your question..............Yes Juk it counts........
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  6. At my age and health..........a motel without a remote control is "camping out" to me.
  7. What if you only have one leg?????
  8. Hey!!!! I just saw that you are now a STAFF member! Congratulations..............(I think).
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  9. For the record, I voted yes, but that said, my wife is an absolute no, I mean absolute. I should probably not have voted in the light of that. She has a phobia for most things creepy, and especially the possible encounter with snakes have her keeping to homely confines. Me on the other hand have recognised snake handling certification. Fishing, hunting/shooting, hiking, biking off the beaten path, all things I enjoy, but small kids can keep one away from such things.
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  10. Then you can't play soccer.
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  11. Thank you brother! :)
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  12. So then say it like this brother............By FAITH I say YES
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  13. ROTFL brother some of the motel rooms I have seen in this town.......I would rather take my chances with the bears. lol
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  14. Bears are not the problem. It is the mosquitoes and bugs and snakes and chiggers!
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  15. What is a chigger?
  16. I say yes, I'm outside most days getting lost in the woods.
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  17. from :

    Chiggers are not bugs or any other type of insect. Chiggers are the juvenile (or larval) form of a specific family of mites, the Trombiculidae. Mites are arachnids, like spiders and scorpions, and are closely related to ticks.
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  18. You kidding me???

    You never heard of chiggars or "red bugs"????

    They are very small parasites that burrow into the skin and cause a terrible itching. When you scratch them of course the skin turns red. You only get them from being out in the woods and when you get them you will never want them again.
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  19. Chiggers - I no not think we have those in South Africa.
    We do have a lot of ticks, and snakes - we basically live together with snakes even in our towns and cities.
  20. Lol

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