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  1. Pig

    Has anyone else read "The Politaclly Incorrect Guide to The Bible"?

    It's a dynamite book! This is on my gift giving list for this year.

    It's a simple no holds barred, no prejudgement discetion of the Bible by a secular publishing house.

  2. I don't really like to see the Word of God used in this manner.
    That is to say, as a tool in a culture war, as opposed to Christian apologetics.

    I haven't read this book, nor have I heard of it before, but the advertizement strikes me more as a money maker and fuel for a fire that I would like to see extinguished than as a Christian exposition of the faith.

    I am not trying to imply that we should not battle against falsehood, and much of the secular views of society, but it is one thing to shoot a wolf, and it is another to poke a stick at it in order to turn a profit by making it angry.

    Have you read this book KitsapGirl? Maybe I am just getting entirely the wrong impression from the Ad.
    As I said, I havent read it, so I don't want to prejudge it. :confused:
  3. I read some reviews on that book and it sounds like a good book, dispelling the liberal lies about the bible.
  4. I have read it cover to cover...no skimming. You are getting the wrong impression...

    This book defends the Bible and exposes the lies that our society promotes regarding Christianity, The Bible, Jesus, Creation, The Church etc. Even better it shows throughout history what Christianity has given to mankind, and that athiest arguements are nothing new...not even newly packaged.

    I found it very reader friendly with plenty of suggested resource materials, and footnotes on where the information came from.
  5. I'm glad to hear that.

    I think I'll check it out. Maybe it was the use of the acronym "PIG" that set up a,...well...

    Never judge a book by its cover RIGHT?!

    Thank you for the information. :)
  6. You spelt "Politically" wrong! :D:p

  7. UGH!!!! My dyslexic fingres.....!

  8. Isn’t it politically incorrect to correct someone’s incorrect spelling of politically?
    Ok… let’s try that one three times fast. :D

    But about the book, it does sound very interesting.
    Sounds like it goes into more detail than The Case For Christ
  9. I read "The Case for Christ"


    That is a great book. If this book is like that, I would really like to read it.
  10. I have a few books, like this. I enjy them because it gives me ideas for answers. I always feel I lack good reponses. Not so much out of not knowing the bible, but knowing what other people are saying. Since we are busy, its nice that peeople bring everything together for us.

    I was having an intersting conversation the other day...might do a seperate post.
    thanks again.

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