Physical=spiritual Conditions

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  1. I have a great question y'all be honest with me . Do y'all agree with me that most sickness and diseases are spiritual?? I made this video called Root causes and y'all let me know what y'all think about it . IF, y'all find this helpful, feel free to share it around and help a young man out . everyone be blessed in Jesus name . If the link doesn't work on YouTube type Justus Nature root cause
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  2. Pretty good my friend! I can hear many of my pastors words in your video.

    Explain positional victory for me if you will.

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  3. Explain positional victory for me if you will.

    I used to , and some people often think when we get saved there's no more sickness, infirmities, etc. After a moment we realize it's not like that. Now when we get saved God has ALREADY given us victory , cause by his stripes we WHERE healed. So now it's time to go take what's already ours by conquering , coming against, and overcoming sickness, addicton, etc. Philemon ch 1:5 says the communication of thy faithfulness may become effectual by the Acknowledgement of every good thing that is in you in Christ Jesus . So it's there , we just need to take effort into acknowledging the power he has given us. And using it to our atvantage in Christ Jesus
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  4. Greetings Justus kelly ,
    I don't mean to begin to pull your thread in another direction but I wanted to add this.

    Far to many believers are under the deception that everything written in His Most Holy Written Word including All His Promises to us just Automatically Manifest in our lives and we do nothing.

    Fact is .... What has been given unto us By Grace Must Be Accessed Through or By Faith.
    And When we go to take hold of them, we will for the most part run right into opposition fighting diligently to keep us from taking Possession.

    This is When we must fight our good fight of faith. The Victory is ours, but we still have to fight.

    Just like God told the children of Israel, I have given you the land, but they still had to go and possess it. All but two folded in fear and doubt and unbelief as they saw the Giants or their opposition.

    Again I just felt led to take the opportunity to add this to the platform you have started.
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  5. Amen that is the exact point I am trying to make you couldn't have said it better thanks so much !!!
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  6. Awesome!
    Now I am really looking forward to what you bring to the forum.
    It's a Blessing and a half seeing some one else who understands how things work in the Kingdom.

    Have you ever noticed that there is not one place in the New Testament where we are told to pray about the enemy the devil and God would do something about it.
    Nope, He Told us over and over to do it.

    Thank you again and Welcome to cfs Brother.
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  7. Quote Justus Kelly in his video:
    God is real my statement is true why? Because I've talked to Him, I've experienced Him.

    Amen, JK!

    Thank you for sharing your video message. You mentioned in your previous introduction that you are interested in evangelism and this blesses all of us. God bless you for that, brother.
    From your video I can see you have no problem speaking the Gospel in front of a small or large group with ears to listen.

    Please stay in the Word, ask questions, be open to participate in discussions and be prepared to give an answer to all who asks the reason for hope. 1 Peter 3:15

    I'm blessed you joined us at CFS and look forward to talking "Jesus" with you.

    God bless you, Justus Kelly, and your family.
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