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  1. I have NEVER seen anywhere that the Bible says that we cannot fight each other. However, It does condemn malice. If someone is fighting out of malice, then it is a sin. But if they are fighting for self-defense or for sport, I don't think that it's bad. That is just my opinion. But I am pretty sure that the Bible condemns loving violence though.

  2. 1 Cor 6:12 [ NASB ]
    All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything.

    Hi Juk,

    While you did not say what kind of fighting you are thinking about. There are thumb-war, arm wrestling, wrestling, karate (several styles), and boxing. There are even more violent types like cage fighting.

    Some depends on what kind of fighting you are thinking about. Some styles emphasize self discipline and avoiding conflict. They emphasize clarity of thought and ‘reading’ your opponent.

    But they do not usually bring you closer to your opponent, or to the Lord. It is hard to be trying to defeat your opponent for the Lord.

    I remember your thread about wanting swords, and a profile post about polypropylene swords (decorative?)

    It sounds to me like you are searching for something cool (whatever that means) in an overtly aggressive style.

    My advice is to find an athletic sport where you do not compete by overpowering your opponent.
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  3. Well, I play soccer. I like to play defender.
  4. I'm with Siloam on this one - not necessarily beneficial.
    We had an item in news here the other day of guys arm wrestling - and one guy's arm snapped. Youch!
    My hairs stand on end just thinking about that. But did Mr. Rambo not make a cool movie about arm wrestling back in the day.
    What about chuck beating up all the baddies in his movies, but in reality, fighting and war has no glamour, no one really wins - even those cage fighters.
    I recall benefits to men who runs after peace - maybe you can do a bible search on that.
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    I have never seen anywhere in the bible that says we cannot hurt each other. Or we cant eat ten packets of salty chips in one go. Or smoke marijuana.
    But I have seen in the bible that God commands us to love one another.

    I dont think fighting is loving. I remeber once a boy twisted my arm and he thought it was funny. It wasnt . I could hardly work after it. He later apologised but boy it hurt. he did not hurt me out of love.

    Also I think it says in the bible to look after your body as its the temple of the holy spirit. So i cant tell God im going to smoke and eat ten packets of salty chips just cos i cant find anywhere in the bible that says not to do this.
  6. Ouch.
  7. Soccer is good, just look after your knees. And don't dive!
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  8. Short answer, Yes! you can fight competitively and honor God. Its like any other sport, every sport focuses on overpowering your opponent, fighting is no different. So long as you do it for the Glory of God, and do it with a loving heart.

    Manny pacquiao is a great fighter, and a born again believer.
    As long as you put God first, and honor him in fighting. I know plenty of MMA fighters that will knock each other out in the ring, and then shake hands after the fight is done. Normally, they respect each other as any athlete should.

    However, if you ever start putting yourself before the Lord in fighting, or start getting hot headed because you are a fighter, you should stop and re evaluate your motives. Its like any other thing we do, we can choose to honor God in it, or we can choose to edify ourselves.
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  9. Have you ever seen someone use the spinning elbow?
  10. Not sure. spinning kicks, etc. yes
    When younger, and not quite saved, I used to do Kali, Kempo and Silat.
    Hand, knife and stick fighting - not much focus on kicks, but very powerful hand combat.
    Thank goodness I never had to use these things, and thank goodness I never had to call on my snake handling training and skills or combat shooting either.
    Come to think of it, we some times run after things, and afterwards realise, but the Lord my God did not want me to run after those things.
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  11. I agree.
  12. I wonder how Jesus's command would fly inside boxing ring!! :cautious:

    Mathew 5:39
    But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also
  13. I heard that that verse is actually speaking about when someone insults you, because in Jesus' day, when a slap on the cheek was a form of insult.

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