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  1. Photograph

    I received a pm from a member of this forum asking why I do not have my photograph on the site.​

    Here is a copy of a picture taken when I was working as a Psychologist.

  2. I think once worked for you, or someone that looks just like you.:D
  3. I knew you were handsome, Ray!!!
  4. :DLOL!!! Your so handsome!
  5. Wow, I know I have worked with someone who looks like you,

    that's really freaky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have often wanted to ask You, but was afraid:

    is that kitten petting that Chick, or Tenderizing it??????

    because that Pic, could be scary, depending on the next

    few "Frames" involved?????????
  6. The kitten is showing love to the chick. They are good friends.
  7. I am sorry, I was teasing about the kitten Chick relationship.

    As long as the kitten and chick were not on Oprah, telling us of an unusual

    domestic partnership, then we take it, that they are just good friends!!!!!:D

  8. Thats fine Mike. I know you were joking.
    I love your Oprah comment.

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