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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by spockrates, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Hey,

    I'm looking for thoughtful conversations, but not debate. Is this the forum for me?

  2. Maybe the sound of silence is the answer to my question?
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum....summer is winding down-the forum will pick up more the colder it gets. People are prepping for winter and spending time offline before it gets cold. :)
  4. Small world. The link to the website at your profile page is to a church outside of Rochester, NY. My wife and I graduated from SUNY, Brockport. We live in Indiana, now.

  5. Feel free to stop in if you ever in town. Also, a good friend of ours opened up a new Church in Greece recently:

    We are winding down our harvest time activities this week; it has been extremely hectic-but FRUITFUL! We have our 40th anniversary coming up and I am sure we will be planning for our next Missions Conference in the Spring very soon. Our Pastor is always inviting guest speakers, missionaries and musical guests-it keeps it lively and we get to meet Brothers and Sisters from around the world and have great fellowship....

    Which reminds me I need to update our website sometime this weekend.....
  6. Hey Spockates

    I also enjoy this kind of conversation but am new here, debating over the Internet isn't my style either. If you start a topic I'd probably respond.
  7. Not me.........I am eating everything I can find before the cold sets in. It can get really cold in Orlando you know!

    Welcome! You will like it here. Most of us enjoy learning and sharing and not argueing.
    Every once in awhile we have some who just have a need to argue and cause problems but they go away eventually and you are just left then with me and old CALVIN! O ...and Glomung!
  8. Are you saying I start arguments and run away? o_O
  9. Absolutely NOT!

    You are a blessing to have here and I enjoy your imput!

    I was thinking of those who have come and gone away and remembering all the chaos and hurt feelings they caused. Then they just walked away.
  10. You are now 1 of us hehehe. Welcome to CFS. May God bless you abundantly. Feel free to ask us of anything. We r here to help and learn together.

    Chili out
  11. ;)

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