Pet Peeves

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  1. Pet Peeves

    This is a game.

    List one of your pet peeves. Only one per post, please.

    Everybody has them. What are yours?
  2. A.P.P.: When someone has peanut butter, and doesn't wipe what remains off of their knife before putting it in the sink. And I have to. (p.b. doesn't come off in the dish washer)
  3. The phrase "Being have". Pronounced Hay-ve. As in "behave". You cannot BE a have. Hayve in that context does not exist in the English language. The correct phrase is "I am behaving", NOT "I am being hayve"!
  4. Something that bothesr me-I have 2 males in my household-Lol-you guessed it -they life the toilet seat up and I nearly fall in-everytime!!~!
  5. I'm sorry can't spell -today!!~!-Leave the toilet seat up
  6. :D Thanks for playing pattycake. :)

    Okay, another pet peeve of mine is when it's so humid outside, that I can not get my hair to dry. And then when it finally does dry, it's too "wrinkly". :D
  7. People who bring their kids to the store in a diaper/or pajamas. Is it really that hard to dress your kids?
  8. People who do not put on their turn signal.when driving.
  9. I hate it when people talk about their pet peeves.
    Just kidding. :D

    I hate it when people at work don’t do what they are told to do.
    If it were up to me, I could find someone to fire every day. :mad:
  10. Ughhh, when Who Am I steels my pet peave XD

    And when Who Am I complains about people at work.

    And hot-headed people making a big deal of everything.
  11. Finally getting away to do some grocery shopping...and then round the corner to find two chatterboxes clucking away with each other, blocking the flow of shopping cart traffic...and nobody says anything! (I usually do...something like "Honk-honk!":p
  12. How about when someone dismisses your feelings or opinion as being unimportant after they lableled you a "hot head???" :p back atcha bro!

    Really; the peanut butter on the knife bothers me too...

    Dirty clothes DON'T belong on the floor that leads to the bathroom in the middle of the night....aarggggggghh! (and then I get the "toilet seat left up"- double ARGH!!!)....:p
  13. People who don't put seat belts on their children.
  14. People who smoke in the car with their children.
  15. People who mix up the correct spelling of words, such as the use of of and off, two, to and too, their, there and they're.
  16. "Holier than thou" attitudes from people professing Christianity.
  17. Two be perfectly honest. One off the things that irritates me is when people through they’re trash out the window of there car.

    Sorry Ausgirl… I just had to do it. :D
  18. Or what about the one who comes and shoves his way into the line and then says .... I only have one item.
  19. Well it's the law here, otherwise there is a fine.

  20. Nasty..... don't they realize how bad it is for the kids lungs.

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