Personal convictions on firearms?

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  1. Please note; This thread is not caused to divide any brothers and sisters based on political principals that are subjective to personal environments.

    Based on the past few recent years and the way the world works, what are your personal opinions, practices and ideas on owning a gun? I ask this mostly because where I am from, pretty much everyone has a gun, in church and out of church. I'd like to see insight from around the world.

    Personally, I carry a gun at the very least in my truck everywhere I go. Mostly for nabbing dinner if it happens to cross the road at the wrong time :ROFLMAO: However I have drawn a firearm while calling for 911 to de-escalate a criminal situation, and would not hesitate to do such again. I believe that an armed society is a safe society. However, I only did, and only would draw a gun if I felt somebody else's life was at risk. Aside from that, I just use them to harvest meat for the freezer.
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  2. We are generally not allowed guns up here in Auz.
    If I had one, there would be hundreds less Indian mynar birds here that's for sure..(y)
    Taking guns away from the good guys does nothing to stem the illegal use of guns.....fact.
    The criminally inclined can always get hold of a gun and use it illegally so I see no virtue in taking guns away from people.
    Then again, even having a gun legally has very little to recommend free ownership.
    How many mass shootings could or would have been averted if every body walked around with a colt 45 strapped to their legs? Everybody shooting and no one knows who the bad guy is, so just shoot everyone in sight:eek:
  3. The First Amendment - freedom of religion/freedom of speech/freedom of assembly - was created by our forefathers, the greatest of all rights. The Second Amendment - well run Militia/people keep and bear arms - was created to defend the first - from who? Those that want to take it away. So how to get rid of the first? Remove the second. There are a LOT of false flags concerning guns and the government is buying up all the bullets it can to stifle their use... but their ignorance shines as manufacturers will only make more. I used to own several guns but while I was working overseas my dad died and my step mother sold them all without telling me, otherwise I'd have guns. So the UK has gotten rid of guns so now their #1 means of killing is knives - and terrorism, aka bombs.
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  4. I personally don't like guns (to many bad memories) but if i needed to i would learn to use one. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. It takes a lot of responsibility to have a gun.

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  5. I think it is technically impossible to do anything about guns in the USA until Jesus rules the earth.
    You would want good people to own guns to protect others against bad people who have guns anyway.
    however mostly what I see in the news is a lot of good people seem to get shot and nobody has a gun to shoot back? I thought all americans owned guns?
  6. Really the majority do not, its something like 65% of the us population does not own or live in a home with a firearm.
    However out of those in the 35% own enough guns to give everybody in the US a firearm and still have some left.

    I think my town specifically has a gun ownership rate of like 75%, and the state (Alaska) has an average of 60% ownership
  7. I am a country boy. Guns are like the old truck in the back yard. You know normal.
    However I have not owned one for some time but have still gone shooting.
    Would I own one again? More then likely yes.

    Now then I do carry the Best Gun of all times with me always. See picture below.
    God Bless
    James W

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  8. Personally, I do not like guns (too noisy), but I am a cop's kid and my Dad made sure I knew how to use them effectively and responsibly.
    What I do find amusing in a sad sort of way is all the controversy over them.

    No matter how you slice it a gun is a weapon, but why is everyone so focused on this one type of weapon as opposed to the hundreds of other weapons that we have all around us? People have been killing each other with increasing inventiveness almost from the start.

    Very nearly anything can be used as a weapon if the person using it simply uses their head. A #2 pencil can stop a person's heart just like a ma deuce (.50 caliber machine gun) can.

    All guns do is make it easier .

    Just consider the Nazis during and prior to world war two. They took away peoples guns.
    If those same people had fought intelligently and as a group, they could have used knives and rocks (bats, pans, etc...) to kill their oppressors and take their guns away.

    Ultimately, the most effective weapon is a mind.
    If you doubt that, then read through the old testament. If you read it from a military and/or tactical perspective, it is a series of examples of intelligent and effective use of tactics, terrain, and human nature.
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  9. In America, yes. In most European countries, no.

    You have so many ilegal aliens and such a long border. Ensuring all can adhere to a gunless society (best case scenario) is near impossible.

    Of course I am not referring to guns used for hunting / sport. I have no problem with that.
  10. I have never owned or carried a gun. In fact, never even touched a gun in my entire life! Because I spend good part of my life in India. Having been US for many years, I don't know if I would change my opinion on this. I have never felt the need to have a gun.
  11. Jesus recommended that when his disciples would go out into the world, knowing there would be a lot of robbers, and plenty of bad people. They should be armed with a "sword" for their defense. He tells them to sell their mantle and purchase a weapon.

    Luke 22:35.. And He said to them, When I sent you out with no purse or [provision] bag or sandals, did you lack anything? They answered, Nothing!
    Luke 22:36.. Then He said to them, But now let him who has a purse take it, and also [his provision] bag; and let him who has no sword sell his mantle and buy a sword.
  12. Only all of the male population of Switzerland owns guns. It's the law. In the USA, a lot of people have guns, but a lot of people do not have guns. I don't, but not by choice, it's just that I travel for work and it becomes impossible to keep a gun.
  13. To add to your post...the biggest thing that the people of God had in the old testament was prayer (If they obeyed God and stayed in His good graces)

    God bless
  14. Now this is my kind of gun!!! Amen :)
    2 Corinthians 10:4
    (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)
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