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  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

    Good info peeps:cool::D:):israel:

    BTW my new sig is me n my brother Jose. he lives in Puerto Rico. Took this shot this summer when he came up to visit. I bought him a pair of eyeball glasses so we match. :)
  2. Ewwwww, Chili..peroxide tastes gross..yuk..hehehehe:D
  3. Bleach on the other hand is a bit more risky. Even tho it is made from salt water in its bleach state it can be hazardous especially if mixed with vinagar or drain opener/draino, Dont do it. Anyways I can go on for along time bout this so here is a link to read. Very informative. :cool:

    Bleach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Chili white out hehehehe:cool::D

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