People shall never

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  1. People shall never

    "People shall never enter the kingdom of God through our encouragement, persuasion, argument, inducement, excitement, or attraction; entrance can be gained only by new birth, by nothing less than the resurrection of the spirit."
  2. But, I was introduced to the true Christ through your encouragement, Bo. I don't understand. I know you could never have accomplished it for me, because I had to come to Christ on my own. But, if I had not gotten on this forum and been attracted to the words being used on it, I might have still been wondering what life was all about. What are you getting at?
  3. This quote is about being born again and that is only done by the power of the Spirit of God. The drawing, the encouraging simply helped position you to receive from God. Jesus is the Way, Jesus is the Truth, Jesus is the Life and new life comes when we receive it from Him.
  4. That stuff is like the light on the right trails to take and the water bottles placed on the way to being saved and walkling with God.

    They help along the way, but are not what saves them. And despite them being our efforts, they are completely by the hand of God. These would not be our doings without Jesus first saving us.
  5. Hallelujah...This is so true; only God can touch and heal our hearts though man's words can "tickle the ears" they are not the regenerating and life-giving force that enables us to enter into God's kingdom. I am thankful that God is able to do "exceedingly above that which we can ask or think" much farther beyond what any words could ever say.

    Thank you Bro. Good quote.
  6. However, I might not have ever come to the Lord had someone not invited me to church where I heard the gospel. I never gave such a thing a thought before that.

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