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  1. When I read Genesis chapter four, I notice that Cain and Seth both have wives. Where did these women come from?
  2. God created those both of Cain's and Seth's wives, just as He created Eve for Adam.
  3. Depends. Some people say that God created more people. Other people say that Cain married his sister.

    The issue I have that Cain supposedly marrying his wife is that there was an entire "land" to the east of Eden. I suppose there is a possibility that Adam and Eve just named the area east of Eden Nod, but then the fact the very next verse, after he goes to Nod, he goes into his wife and is married to her. It makes it appear that he met the wife in Nod, in my opinion. I have no problem believing God could have made multiple couples.
  4. Sisters. They had purer dna than we do now.
  5. After the birth of Seth, Adam lived another 800 years, and he had other sons and daughters. (Genesis 5:4 NLT)

    Other sons and daughters were not all mentioned by name. You can have a lot of children over 800 years.
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    Yes, but Cain got married before Seth was born, right?

    (Gen 5:3 ESV) When Adam had lived 130 years, he fathered a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth.

    Now, I'm sure you can have a ton of children in 130 years, but did they? I read it and unless I skipped over a verse it doesn't say they had any children before Cain, or any more children before Cain was banished.

    I edited my post because I needed to add the verse to complete my thought.
  7. Are you asking if Cain got married before Seth got married, or if Cain got married before Seth's birth?
  8. Sorry, I edited it to be clearer and to add a verse. I meant before Seth was born.
  9. I wonder what the reply would have been before DNA was discovered?
  10. Like I said earlier, they're not all mentioned by name and there is not a clear timeline that I can see.
    Personally, I would've bummed out if Adam and Eve were my biological parents and I got left out of the bible. I believe that the significant players are referred to by name and "other sons and daughters" refers to other children.
    I wrapped my head around this years ago along with who would murder Cain, my conclusion was they had many children that aren't mentioned by name. I'm no bible scholar but "other sons and daughters" is my best answer.
  11. Incest would probably be the only answer. Sorry your thread got locked, by the way. :(

    I suppose it's possible that the other children could have been left out of the narrative, but at face value it would seem that God would have had to make other people.
  12. It's no big loss in the grand scheme of things. I can always start Gen V2 where I left off.
  13. If you ever want to discuss it just shoot me a PM. I'm pretty much always around.
  14. Siblings can be married and have perfectly normal children... but, there is a strong chance of deformation which is why it's a taboo today. Abraham and Sarah had the same father but different mothers. When God made Adam and Eve their dna surely was better than what we have now. It's just an idea.
  15. God created more people so incest wouldnt happen
  16. It does not say that anywhere in the bible.
  17. wait. really? i remember reading in the bible, it said god created more people after cain and abel. Let me see if I can find the verse.

    in a sidenote, why do you think me praising god is rude? i can stop praising god if you considered that rude.
  18. Dude. Give it up. You were not praising God in what you said. Period.
  19. I was praising God. you are overreacting when I was trying to praise God. I really do want to show God I love him. why do you think poorly of me???
  20. Your actions speak louder than your words.

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