peace and blessings..

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Deborah, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. peace and blessings..

    Hello everyone! :)Having lurked while deciding whether to join and as my registration was in process Christian Forum Site seems like a friendly place to be posting. I am a retired teacher who is looking forward to learning in the school of the Spirit and making new friends as we share.

    peace and blessings,


    I love this blue fish smilie...:fish:;)
  2. Welcome Deb, Im new to the site as well glad to see that you decided to join.
  3. Hi, I am new too, welcome!!
  4. Welcome Deborah to the Forum

  5. A warm welcome Deb. Here's another fish for you:D

  6. Many thanks for the :welcome:ing! :dance:
  7. Welcome to CFS, Deb. Make yourself at home;)

    Blessings Cliff

  8. Hey, Cliff, don't mind if I do. :smile_anim:

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