PC has a mind of it's own!

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  1. PC has a mind of it's own!

    My PC keeps shutting itself down~
    I think I need some spray-air?
    My dog lays next to it, under th desk, all the time!
    I bet I find alot of dust and white dog hair!
  2. A lot of dust could be a reason. You might have to get it cleaned.
  3. Make sure you vents aren't blocked ,unsrew the side panel ( usually two or three thumb screws) and carefully vaccum the dust from the vents , fans and circuits ( gently)- overheating could indeed cause that problem. There is also a possibility that you have a virus have you update your virus scan and ran a complete scan? Spyware can and will accumilate in yuor pc until it sucks up all available ram- did you download and run that ad- aware program I mentioned? What operating system are you running?
  4. Its also possible that the power supply in the computer is also going bad......
  5. Here is another possability- My cat used to lay at my feet when I was online- he would move unto the power strip and I would get a shut down followed by a restart when he moved back-:D
  6. Most likely is your power supply, try taking all the dust out of your box. IF it still continues, the next thing to check is the ram cards inside your computer, make sure they are in tight, last but not least, it could be your OS. Try Backing up all your stuff, and reinstall the OS.:cool:
  7. I had a friend who installed some extra ram on his pc- he expierienced the same problem till he took it out. My son has the same model pc- we plugged into his and bingo- shutdown. It must have been faulty and it sure caused an almost immediate response.
  8. Some ram just aint ment for your pc, even if it says it will. If it doesn't work return it for a different brand.
  9. It was returned although all the specs matched perfectly it just wouldn't work.
  10. I hate when that happens, I once ordered a 1 gb card for my friend, said it would work , bought it online, threw away all the packing that came with it, installed it and it didn't work. I was - 80 and with a useless card. I wen to circuit city and got one of the shelf, and luckly it worked.

    i hate you ram card, i hate you ... so much....
  11. Calm down brother we will survive it- LOL!:D
  12. He knows more than some techs!
  13. I've noticed the reason behind some memory sticks not working... the chips and their manufacturer. Sometimes if you use two or more sticks, and two are the same but one is a different chip manufacturer, it sometimes will work, sometimes won't. Your best bet for memory is to stick to the same brand and manu. as the other sticks. That should work.

    Animal hair can easily clog PC fans and the power supply, either way it needs cleaning even if it isn't the cause, right now, it will be the cause later.

    If you are running Windows 98/ME make sure you have all the updates. If you are running Windows 2000/XP, make sure you have all youe updates. Check to make sure you don't have the Sasser/Blaster virus. One of those shutsdown the RPC service which will shutdown your PC in 60 seconds after failing to restart the service. Check www.symantec.com for their removal tool.

    If you get popups, even while NOT online, use Spybot, AdAware and even Microsoft Windows Defender.

    If you've done all that, make sure there isn't a short from another peice of hardware. Removed the power and other cables from one device inside the PC at a time to determine this. Had this happen with a CD-ROM once, turn the PC on, wait 30 mins, PC would shut off. Removed the power from the CD-ROM, worked great, replaced the CD-ROM.
  14. Anyone know about Linux ?

    HI, :)
    This is Trebor here. I Heard there is another Operating System Called Linux. Does anyone here own Linux?
    Does Linux work good as an operating System? Does it connect with all internet Service Providers? Can you Install Linux in any computer that is compatible To Windows? or do you need to buy a special one??

    Please explain as simple as you can. > I do not understand all The computer Acronyms. For example . I dont know what URL means im not sure how RAM and ROM works. what the difference between these 2 and how to monitor them.
    it is so common for computer users to use Acronyms you simply can forget The meaning. or those who are trying to learn never hear the real words what they actually mean and what they do.
    1. does anyone own Linux
    2.does it work good?
    3. does it work with all ISPs
    4. does it work on Any computer or you have to buy a special one?
    5. what is URL stand for
    6 What is RAM and ROM. what do they mean and how do they work?
    7how do you monitor them?

    Again please explain as simple as you can so you dont go over my head. thanks
  15. HA! Love it! Maybe that is why my 'puter wasn't working! The cat couldn't get in!
  16. Trebor,

    Linux is a free operating system supported by programmer around the world. It is a competitor to Microsoft Windows.

    Unlike Windows, Linux is Open Source. This means that anyone who know how to program can create a program for Linux and freely give it out aor develop Linux as they see fit, in otherwords they can change whatever they want in Linux and not sufferent any lawsuite. With Windows or MacOS you will get sued if you change their coding.

    Linux supports both Mac and Windows based PCs. It will work on either of them without much issue.

    Linux is not only verry veristile... it can do more then Windows, it is very very compatible with older computers. You can run Linux on a 133 MHz processo with 128 MB memory and a 1 GB harddrive with ease. That is above the minimum requirments for Linux BTW.

    1. No one own Linux. The only person with any rights to Linux is its creator. Linus Torvalds.

    2. Linux works better than windows and Mac OS in many areas, especially when it comes to servers, the internet and in a lot of cases desktops.

    3. As for Internet Service providers, it does not matter. The reason is that they all use one of three consumer technologies: dialup, cable or DSL. Cable and DSL both use Ethernet to talk to the PCs or router. Dialup uses the phone lines. Modems and network cards are functional in Linux.

    4. Linux will work on either Mac PC or Windows based PCs. Linux is mroe versitile than any other xunsumer based operating system available.

    5. Uniform Resource Locator

    6. RAM = Random Access Memory is the available memory to the CPU, or processor, to perform functions. It is like the available desktop or desk that you have to work with. The bigger the desk the more you can do, the same concept work for RAM. ROM, Read-Only Memory is different then RAM in the respect of what is available to the processor. RAM is easily increases were ROM is not increasable. It is there for things like your BIOS, or the system that tell your computer what it has and how to deal with the CPU, RAM, hard drive, cd-rom drive and so on.

    7. Monitoring RAM is easy, you can use the Windows Task manager or another programs. Search on Google for more programs. ROM doesn't need to be monitored as you can't do anything with it.

    I hope this helps with your understanding. If I need to explain in more lamen terms please let me know.

    God bless,

    BTW, the latest version of Linux is Ubuntu.

  17. Could it be that Our Computers are the Aliens in

    "They Live," and we just don't know it Yet????
  18. Win XP and Win 2000 have a default setting to restart at just about any error. It makes things difficult to analyze when it blows through and restarts the computer. Settings / Control Panel / System / Advanced / Startup and Recovery / Settings. Make sure the box is UNCHECKED where it says "Automatically Restart" under System Failure."

    As far as vacuuming inside of or directly around a computer, I'd never do it. Static discharge can be dangerous to your hard drive and memory. Try some canned air, it won't cause static and will remove any dust or hair inside.

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