Paul Washer False Teacher?

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  1. I really should have posted this in Bible study, I really really should have, but I didn't :p
    What do you think about this, and does anyone watch paul washer?
    There are several more links I can find claiming he is a false teacher.
  2. A reminder:
  3. From the transcript of his message are these comments............

    "Born again is a process. It is not one day event. At the genuine repentance, God gives the spirit of man to the convicted soul. This spirit is compared to a candle. However, this is the beginning of the born again process. This person will be sinning, striving to grow in the lord Jesus Christ, and he will be a mixer of many things, but he will not rebel against God or his word. A sincere soul will be growing to maturity. This soul receives grace and power from God, overcomes sin and will eventually abide with Christ and Christ abide in him. This is the graduation of born again. So, what is born again? It begins with conviction of sin or born as a baby. It will graduate with abiding in God or became the adult son of God. The son is a perfect person".

    "Please put up with me for the next three points that is seldom taught by preachers. First point: God will not forgive our past sins until our sinning become past. Second point: God will forgive our past sins, only one time in our life time. Third point: If we sin willfully after we know the truth, it will not be forgiven. Let me explain one by one."

    Totally untrue and unbiblical. I looked at the rest of the message and it is very clear that this man is quite a bit more that a false teacher.
  4. Did not read the whole thing, but in what I did read it was apparent that he was twisting scripture to
    suit some agenda. I agree with Major.
  5. Before we start accusing someone of false teaching, let's make sure we look at their statements in context of their whole teaching on a given subject. It's easy to pull out a few statements and claim that they are false. The web abounds with sites claiming just about every teacher you can think of is a false teacher. Often a statement which on its face appears false is part of the setup for the whole teaching. In other words, the individual statement is not the encapsulation of the whole teaching. I could make every member of this site look like a heretic and a deceiver merely by taking individual statements that they have made in isolation of the point they were building toward.

    Not to say there aren't false teachings or false teachers out there, but that is a pretty serious accusation and demands caution.
  6. I agree with you Rumely. I never accuse anyone of such a thing unless they themselves incriminate themselves.

    But upon reading the information posted on this mans website, it becomes clear that he has lots of un-biblical teachings.
    I only posted two but there were lots of others as it was a long read.

    What I responded to was not what "someone told me", or a "rumor" but was instead his actual words. Words take time to forulate and write so it makes them very important.

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