Paul and The Final Gospel

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  1. Someone wrote me recently concerning the term I use "final gospel" this person wondered what I meant by "final Gospel." He was taken up with the idea that there's only one Gospel in the Bible. This of course is the teaching the many believers who think there is only one message that God has ever given to humans.
    To believe this however is to be denied the fullness of what the father is doing today. What the father is doing today could be the answer to the worlds problems and needs.

    What the father is doing today is not just a fulfillment of everything that is mentioned in the scriptures but presents the joy of a totally new way of living. This is only mentioned in less than 1/5 of the Scriptures.
    To condense the Scriptures to 1/5 seems heretical to some. But it is a fact that the final gospel is mentioned and taught in the small amount of text. How did the final gospel come about? Who gave it? Who wrote it?

    These are questions that only have answers in our most important relationship with their father. Overtime I have learned that the born-again believer spiritual growth is anchored to the father who birthed him. If he does not know about this birthing and all it means, a believer never comes who he is taught to be by the Scriptures.
    How did the final gospel come about?
    It started in the fathers house before anything concerning the earth was created. Ephesians 1:4 is clearly the first mention of the final Gospel. The heart of this verse is that humanity was chosen by our heavenly father to be in Christ. Before the world was created until the death of Christ, there was that he would need to put Christ in humans in order for him to have his own birthed family, could not have come about until he had tried everything possible to change humans from their erring ways.
    It took over 4000 years of time, where God dealt with humanity in every conceivable way, through time periods called dispensations.
    Each dispensation had a different gospel. There was only one overall plan but with many different gospels to achieve that plan. 4/5 of the Scriptures deal with the single fact, God was seeking a people who would love him. Now in this dispensation of Grace, we have come to the final Gospel for humanity.
    This gospel occupies only one fifth of the Bible, but it deals exclusively with what God is doing today. This gospel, the final gospel, clearly presents a people who love God and fulfills everything he has ever wanted in humans. It is strange that the religious world of today, that speaks and writes on every subject that has to do with God's history of dealing with people on earth, hardly ever speaks of the humans, who daily God is birthing to live in his house eternally.
  2. Interesting
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  3. A lot of pretty words there, but I'm having a hard time grasping the substance of your post.
    Are you promoting a "Reader's Digest" version of the synoptic Gospels?

    What we need today is people who are willing to live the Gospel, not read a new one.
  4. You have said many things over the space of time and I have not responded. You have now just said.............
    "Each dispensation had a different gospel.".

    have no desire to be mean spirited to you but you either do not understand Dispensationalism or you are coping and pasting some really bad teaching.

    May I say with all due respect to you that I for one agree with the words of H.A. Ironside, a well known and much loved Bible teacher, which should be sufficient to state the mainline Dispensational viewpoint. Here is what Ironside said :
    "Let one point be absolutely clear: No one was ever saved in any dispensation on any other ground than the finished work of Christ. In all the ages before the cross, God justified men by faith; in all the years since, men have been justified in exactly the same way. Adam believed God and was clothed with coats of skin, a picture of one becoming the righteousness of God in Christ. Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him for righteousness. Nevertheless, afterwards he was circumcised; but that circumcision, the apostle tells us, was simply a seal of the righteousness he had by faith. And throughout all the Old Testament dispensation, however legalistic Jews may have observed the ordinance of circumcision and thought of it as having in itself some saving virtue, it still remained in God's sight, as in the beginning, only a seal, where there was genuine faith, of that righteousness which He imputed. (Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth, p57,58)
    Needless to say, the person who claims that Dispensationalism teaches different methods of salvation in different dispensations completely misunderstands the point of Dispensational doctrine! Dispensationalism is not about the method of God's salvation, but the methods of God's testing of man. In each Dispensation, God gives a different set of instructions. The instructions are for pleasing and obeying God, not for obtaining salvation. In each dispensation, man proves that whatever the circumstances, he is unable to please or obey God.
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  5. Yes I understand but what about the Christ that is in you, how pray-tell did he get there.
    It seems if anyone defines that there seems to be an issue of Interpretation or some doctrinal difference. Is there anything in the scriptures that can be pin pointed, to most it does not seem so.
    Theologians dance around it, teachers tiptoe around it, pastors dare to touch the depth of scriptures for fear of losing their flock.
    I feel like what I'm saying is worth looking into, christianity, if we dare take our head out of the sand is being bombarded from every side and Satan is having a heyday.
    I counsel with people (christians) nearly daily that are about to lose their mind something is not right
  6. In my understanding of Ephesians 1:4 it's the original plan that God had for mankind. Verses 5-9 were put into effect due to Adam making the wrong decision to follow the enemies words and not God's.

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  7. It is far wiser to stick to what the scriptures say as to there beign only ONE Gospel . Than to imply or say there are 'other gospels .or final gospels.
    For that will simply bring confusion.
    It should be understood that THE Gospel is laid out by Paul and it si all "according to the scriptures"
    That is the MINIMUM you must understand believe and know to be what is called a christian. Or a child of God .
    To be BORNagain .
    But the gospel has been REDUCED to just being BORN again. Which is bu the 'S' as it were of our so great a Salvation.
    That is but gettign out of Egypt. only.
    But the good news is that God in the fullness of time fullfilled his promise to mankind .The promise he made to man in the garden of eden . That a single ("it"),male ("he") child would be born of a woman but not of Adams seed who would come and bruise the head of the serpent and in the destruction of the serpent would suffer the bruising of his heel.(not 'fatal')
    When God made that promise before he did so he gave them a coverign of animal skins which only COVERED their sins but did not remove them. For if it had reestablished man with God or reconciled man back to God then there would have been no need of a promise . But in that God also gave a promise .It showed that the sacrafice of animals was but temporay.
    The kingdom of God is like unto a sower ....
    You do not sow seed on unprepared soil .God being a "husbandman" took 4000 years to prepare the world to recieve the good seed .
    No wonder Heaven could not contain itself and broke its banks after the message had bene given to the shepherds.
    if then man is reconciled to God through Jesus Christ .Then he is restored to God.
    A ring has bene put on his finger shoes on his feet and a robe to cover his nakedness .
    But to be BORN is not the be all and end all of this life .
    How much the less is it the be all and end all of a "new creation" and when we are BORNagain?
    If man was given dominion over all creation in the beginning , Then he has dominion IN Christ.
    But we do not see that yet . But we do see Christ ..........................."Hebrews.

    The everlasting gospel that is spoken of in the end .Is the gospel of creation . But that is but a continuation also of THE Gaspel.
    For By our <Lord all things were created.

    in Christ
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    I guess we could see these "dispensations" as how the Lord God dealt with man, and in how he revealed himself at that point in time. Knowing that man is spiritually dead, and unable to find God on his own, man needed help in discovering himself to be a sinner, which is why the Law was given. God knowing full well man could not possibly keep the Law. It was a temporary fix until the "seed" would come to bring man into the right relationship that Lord God wanted from the beginning. Jesus destroyed death by bringing "life" and "immortality" to light through the Gospel. (2 Tim 1:10) If we do not know what God had done for us in the beginning we would still be in darkness, and death. Knowing and understanding is everything!!!

    Gal 3:19.. What then was the purpose of the Law? It was added [later on, after the promise, to disclose and expose to men their guilt] because of transgressions and [to make men more conscious of the sinfulness] of sin; and it was intended to be in effect until the Seed (the Descendant, the Heir) should come, to and concerning Whom the promise had been made. And it [the Law] was arranged and ordained and appointed through the instrumentality of angels [and was given] by the hand (in the person) of a go-between [Moses, an intermediary person between God and man]. (AMP)

    The "final" revelation is God himself revealing Christ in us our hope of Glory, and us being in him. Of course all this was predetermined, and completed before the world was ever created. Being found in Christ happened in the beginning. We were saved before we even knew we were saved, which is the good news (Gospel) that reveals to man what the Lord had done before he created the Heavens and earth.

    2Ti 1:8.. Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God;
    2Ti 1:9.. Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,

    There is only one Gospel, but God rolled it out in "phases" in how he revealed it to man.
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  9. ooops1
    Christ comes into the believer my brother by invitation by the believer through faith in the work of Christ for us.

    Yes, there is something not right for sure. Read through the comments on any Christian web site and you will see very quickly that there is a real lack of Bible understanding in those who proclaim to be Christians. For sure there is a lot of knowledge about what we like and what we want to believe and what we want to do, but what about what God has said????
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  10. That seems to be the key in so many arguments now and well is all about what "Man" thinks God said or means.......Let us get back to the base........The Written Word Of cant go wrong there.
    Blessings my friend
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  11. Now that Jim is the answer! That is the key to understanding which is why I post several Scriptures as a basis for doctrinal truth above and beyond mans thoughts and wants.
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  12. Yes sir Brother - we all should be as this as well.
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  13. The interpretation of the word is where we start to get the differences. This message I did I know is very controversy but a true Bible scholar and student of the word should give it some time and study. Not everything in mainline religion is set in concrete.
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  14. I agree and that is why I don't give religion a chance and I seek Gods leading where to study and learn and allow God to grow me in His word from the inside out. I take Him and His word for first and last choice over mans word or views.

    I found my life goes a lot smoother on the inside and out when I live such as this. ;)
    God Bless my friend and brother
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  15. Amen Jim I know you do it shows in your comments, bless you
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  16. Thank you sir but I have been in error at times. I guess the key is to alow correction and move forward.
    Blessings and keepon writing my friend
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  17. None of us are above error, I have myself under one of the greatest teachers of our generation. Its a good idea to keep an open mind and let the Holy Spirit really reveal the deep things of God.
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  18. Who is this "great teacher"?
  19. I am of the belief that Bible should always intrepret Bible. So as to get His meaning instead of man's :)
    God Bless
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  20. "No prophecy or scripture is of mans own private interpretation " Though that does not mean men do not have thier own private interepreations.
    For a number of reasons . One of the main problems today is the flood of versions of the Bible that leads people to assume that they now have a choice or choose which bible they can pick from.
    God is not a tyrant . But neither is He democratic and by what criteria then do you choose one over the other?
    You suggest that only the Word of God and proper study is what is needed and in part you are right .
    Another has said that they let the Bible interprate the Bible .They too are partly right .
    Some say if we know or understand the original texts language we will understand the scriptures. That too is only partly right .
    But there is the Body of truth and there is the Spirit of truth; and it is by the Spirit of truth that" we know the spirit of error"
    For by the same Holy Spirit that was so needed to inspire men what to write .So too then is the same Holy Spirit needed to understand what is written.
    It is clear however that given the so many errors or disputes and counter reformation in the church today and despite the boast of some who have translated most of the modern versions of thier "better understanding" it si clear that this is not the whole truth.
    and what is seriously lacking or we have very little of is spiritual vitality and reality.
    For with all our "better understanding " the church is to be the salt of the earth and the salt is to stop the meat from rotting .Yet the world and the UK is only experiencing more and more confusion and corruption. Where then is the salt?
    When all or mostly what is preached in the churches is what Paul said in Hebrews was the milk of the word how can the church grow? and what then its understanding?
    Indeed when anything other than the milk is preached or taught it si THEN the strife ,contentions and the lack of spiritual understanding is manifested.
    For every one is doing or thinkign that what is right in his own eyes and interpretation.
    Because they of course understand the original langauge .
    Yet strangely often come up with the same errors .
    And once sound doctrines understod by the church are now being rejected by many and the very errors once rejected by the church are slowly beign reintroduced and accepted or at very best we are supposed to be neutral over and not to 'rock the boat' of unity.
    We are indeed in a reverse reformation.
    Which not only decieves newcomers but also decieves old comers as it were into thinkign they were right in these matters all along!
    When in fact they are now twice wrong .
    So the Word of God or the scriptures ALONE are or is only one leg to stand on as it were.
    The Spirit of God is as vital as the Word of God .
    For it is NOT written man shall not live by bread alone but by every scripture that is written ;or the letter .
    But it IS Written "man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God"
    For the letter killeth ,but the Spirit giveth life.

    In Christ
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