Pattern of our enemy from day ONE

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  1. First our enemy the devil before he earned this stature in life decided to be bigger then God and he had to have truly thought he could pull it off. Then Truth spoke and he was cast out of heaven so fast.

    So then our enemy truly believes if he can but just get this man that God created to sin against God or another words disobey God then he our enemy can have what man has. Truth speaks again and not only did adam fall but Truth (God) turned to the serpent and told him how it was gonna be and of course it was not what our enemy had in mind and he lost out once again and ends up worse then when he started.

    So then one day he our enemy see's Job and thinks God has a hedge of protection around him and he believes that if he can get this man named Job to curse God then he our enemy will have what job has. Long and short of it, Job got blessed big in the end and our enemy the devil once again failed to gain what he went after and not only this...........simply think about this, Now Job knows for sure he has a tempter and knows about satans tricks.

    Then our enemy the devil decides to take on another man and His name is Jesus, well it is written ran our enemy off at this event and all through the 33 years Jesus was on this earth our enemy tried to have him killed. Then when our enemy thought he had finally pulled it off and this Jesus is dead, God lets loose truth once more and Jesus rises up and defeats our enemy and takes back the keys to death and strips him of all the power and authority he had prior to this time. Done happened again.........our enemy ended up worse off then when he started.

    Now then Our enemy roams around LOOKING or SEEKING some one he is able to devour
    As born again Christians we have the power to keep him out of our lives and to open the door or give him right to steal, kill and destroy. Walk in Gods way and this means doing what His word says and this means walking in Love and Forgiveness and walking by Faith and so forth. Once we get out side of this we have opened the door unto our enemy.

    Just as always the devil thinks he can devour you but you have been given power and authority over the devil BUT it is only going to work for you if you keep unto His ways.
    For there are little ways we can crack the door and allow the devil to get his foot in the door and I challenge each of you to truly seek our Lord God and ask if there are those little ways in your life.

    God Bless
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  2. I have always seen Satan as someone to pity. After all, I know that my own righteousness is no greater than his.
    It is only by the blood of Jesus that I am redeemed, and that redemption is forever denied to him.

    Like any who wish to do us harm, Satan and those who serve him are something to be wary of, but not to be feared.

    We tend to forget that we (individually and collectively) are capable of exceedingly great evil without demonic influence, and that regardless of who are what prompts us, no one other than ourselves is responsible for our choices and actions.
  3. Good read.. It is very hard to know why satan would still wage a battle when results are known. I can think off only one reason.. The whole reason satan fell was because of pride.. And he wants to somehow deny the glory to Lord. He knows man is made to worship God. So he wants to separate man from God to thwart man bringing glory to God. He brings sin to separate man and God. And he knows the command from God. If Adam or Eve ate the fruit, they will die. Which is, external separation from God. Then we see another promise from God. That the seed of woman will crush the head of serpent. So he continues with his plans to make the stop the righteous line.. We see all through.. He brings death to Abel through Cain. Then almost brings the entire humanity to end at the time of Noah. Almost denies blessings to Jacob. Almost kills Joseph. Almost wipes out Israel during Assyrian and Babylonian siege. Tries his tricks with Jesus! Almost wipes out Israel again through Rome. And now continues the same deception with you and me. May be it is his pride and he wants to avoid glory going to the Majesty
  4. I believe that he just wants to take as many souls with him - deny them to God - as he can before his time is up.
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  5. Yep because he HATES God and wants to hurt God. Now how can you hurt God ? By hurting those God truly loves and adores. The devil wants to seperate God from His creation in which God loves dearly.
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  6. A man or woman is not sovereign unto if they are not being influenced by renewing their mind to the Word of God....then their influence is from the devil.
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  7. I agree, we in and of ourselves without influence would not naturally do great evil.
  8. But since we were born with sin in our dna....then the influence is there, whether we kike it or not. Thus the reason why we need to renew our minds with and to the that we know how to not be influenced by the evil that is in our dna. Now had Adam never sinned, then none of this would be a problem...because God didn't create sinful beings, or sin
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  9. This is not a biblically based doctrine - it's Humanism.... Humanism states that man is inherently good, and we are influenced - "Tricked" - into doing evil by outside influences, and that when you remove this external influence - we will return to "Goodness"....

    The Bible clearly states that the Rebellion against God resides within our own selves, and that it started with Adam... There's no bible conversation between The Serpent and Adam is there?

    Genesis 6:5 "And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually."

    Matt 15:18-19 "But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:"

    Note that God did not blame Satan for the evil in our hearts.... God does not attribute the evil that resides within us to another..... We are not inherently good and tricked into evil.... Rather we are inherently rebellious and we attempt to put on a Cloak of "being good" externally to achieve our own selfish desires....

    Blaming Satan for everything bad about ourselves and the world is an extraordinarily popular idea coursing through the church today... Not only does it allows us to (Internally) refuse to deal with the issue of our own sinful, rebellious nature... BUT - it's also bearing false witness.... Check out the Book of Jude - "Railing against Dignities"....

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  10. JohnC,
    Thank you for your thoughts and views on this.
    However you have turned around what is being talked about here.
    Our thoughts are influenced.......Nothing you or I can say will change this.

    Now it has been said and talked in this thread and others that we must take our thoughts captive. This means we have a choice to act on ANY THOUGHT or to REFUSE to act on them..

    You say this not a biblical doctrine.......However if you stay with what is being said you wont be able to say these things.
    Do have a nice day John C
  11. I didn't say we are naturally good either. We in our fallen sin nature are inclined towards rebellion and thus evil, but I do not believe that we would do great evil all on our own without demonic influence either. If that was the case then why does satan and his demons even bother to tempt us and deceive us?
  12. It doesn't take what I suppose I would classify as "great evil"... Sometimes just a simple mistake.... Sin just means mistake... Error.

    We don't think of the physical event of Eve eating the fruit as "great evil" on the same scale as Hitler or Stalin's genocide... It was a simple mistake in judgement.... But look at its subsequent effect on Mankind.... Far worse than the Holocost...

    As to why? If we are unable to inherit heaven because we curse ourselves or force God to curse us - who supposes that he stands to receive it? Who is actively working to destroy all opposition as qualified to receive Heaven and Earth?

    Which brings another question into focus.... If the battle is completely over - Why does Satan still want to destroy us?
  13. What are you talking about

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