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  1. According to a traditional Hebrew story, Abraham was sitting outside his tent one evening when he saw an old man, wearing from age and journey, coming towards him. Abraham rushed out, greeted him, and then invited him into his tent. There he washed the old man's feet and gave him food and drink.
    The old man immediately began eating without saying any prayer or blessing. So Abraham asked him, "Don't you worship God?" The old traveler replied, "I worship fire only and reverence no other god."
    When he heard this, Abraham became incensed, grabbed the old man by the shoulders, and threw him out of his tent into the cold night air.
    When the old man departed, God called to his friend Abraham and asked where the stranger was. Abraham replied, "I forced him out because he did not worship you."

    God answered, "I have suffered him these eighty years although he dishonors me. Could you not endure him one night?"

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  2. Hello Godbe4me;

    I'm happy you are back. How are you and your family doing?

    What I just read made me think of family who have been living with us for some time and they were blessed with their own place. They will be moving out the end of this month. For some time I gave God thanks that my wife and I could help but many times I got edgy and hoped they would move out sooner. Your thread reminded me how much they went to church with us. They never did anything to hurt us. Most of all, they prayed incessantly to the Lord, daily.

    Right now I feel God is standing in front of me, tapping His foot with His arms crossed....looking at me. lol! Thank you for writing this. It helped me take a deep look at myself. I have no regrets with our family. I'm blessed we could help them, and yes, we love them very much.

    God bless you, Godbe4me and your family. Its great to see you back in fellowship.
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  3. The truth about patience is that it is about sufferance of our ego-fears. As soon as we put our ego-fears aside, by faith, the suffering disappears. Self is not the issue, for we are with God consciousness. Also, patience is easy, all you have to do is wait. How do we wait? By doing nothing. However, it is faith in God that becalms the ego-fears of 'not being able to handle it any longer' (impatience). It is this Faith that reassures us that we will be okay regardless of the situation we are in.

    Oddly enough, patience is not the only thing that requires us to do nothing to obtain it. It is the same for tolerance, allowance, forgiveness, acceptance, serenity, peace, seeing the truth, and unconditional love. Also to overcome anxiety, anger, depression and all other forms of ego-fears and tensions. That is why Faith in God, in Jesus, is the salvation while on dealing with the world.
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  4. "How do we wait? By doing nothing." I really like this post. The premise is so simple.

    Someone very wise once told me that sometimes the best REaction is NO action.

    But at times, it's so much easier said than done.

    Blessings (from someone who continues to struggle with the whole thing)

    Annie x
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  5. PicsArt_08-15-01.14.09.jpg
    Patience is only a step in the series.
    1. First we have trouble. Naturally! It always involves waiting.
    2. Waiting involves patience. We don't want it but it comes as part of the process.
    3. Experience comes only after repetition of something. We have trouble, we pray, we wait trying to be patient and we see God send help, deliverance. We experience the the cycle of trouble, waiting, deliverance.
    4. Hope. After going through many things and seeing many prayers answered. Seeing that we are not destroyed. That it's not the end we have hope when trouble comes that Jesus will again help us.
    5. The love of God carries us through. We are not ashamed that we believe.

    When I was 19 a horse fell on me and broke my leg. I had to have a steel rod implanted in my left leg three weeks after I thought I was already healing up. A cast went from my foot all the way to my hip. No car. No job. Very few friends. I had to learn patience against my will. I didn't want any patience I wanted to walk. It came but after the better part of a year before the pain and extreme limp went away.

    God didn't order that episode but I did learn from it. Through much tribulation we enter unto the kingdom of God.

    Acts 14:22 KJVS
    Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.

    We are apt to climb these stairs steps of faith many times in our journey. There is a reward.

    Because you have kept my word about patient endurance, I will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world, to try those who dwell on the earth.
    Revelation 3:10 ESV
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  6. When I pulled a muscle in my gluteal (glutes) muscle, it took 4 months to heal / 1 ER trip / 3 specialist doctors. All for a pulled muscle.
    Each doctor said it was a muscle issue yet they referred me to new specialists. It was crazy. No idea why this happened and why it took so long. A pulled muscle does not take 4 months. I am completely fine now. I don't know why it took so long, but it did increase my prayer time and I did turn to God even more. It was also a reminder of how the enemy tries to steal from us... finances, time, happiness, etc. I was paying so much for doctor bills. It was just not normal. The enemy will do his best to rob us in whatever way he can.

    I am so glad I am a born again Christian filled with the HS. I am so glad I hear the HS. I am so glad that no matter what the world or the enemy of this world throws at me I have the holy trinity of God on my side and the power of the blood of Christ himself. That's a lot of power.
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