pastors priests etc

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  1. pastors priests etc

    do they ever go to peoples homes now teaching the good news.
  2. At least some do. I've gone to people's houses at times with pastors, so some do at least. I don't know how common the practice is though.
  3. in the uk in the olden days it was quite common for priests to visit families.sort of kept people in it seems the police has taken over this role.:(
  4. That's kind of sad actually. I also know the last few churches I've been in have a visitation pastor specifically for visiting shut ins. My grandfather's pastor comes to visit about once a month, and the associate pastor visits about once a week. The youth group also visits ever few months. He really looks forward to it.
  5. Atm, Jehovis witnesses are visiting people.
  6. Yep the unwitnesses are faithful to knock on doors-as a worls based religion it is a requirement.
  7. In years gone by it was fairly easy for pastors to visit as they lived in fairly small communities and had small congregations. Today there is unfortunately very few workers in the field and some pastors have to accomodate hundreds of people. It is sometimes simply impossible to visit all the people.

    As members of Christs church, we should all take on the responsibility and help out where neeeded.
  8. I do quite a few visitations per week and hand-written, personal letters.
  9. have pastors priests etc been wrapped up in other things.that is a ploy from evil,keep them busy with paper work etc.
  10. Biblically speaking the office of priest in the new testament chuch is relagated to every believer with Jesus being the high priest. The office of pastor is a new covenant office.
    Churches tend to be larger now then they were in the earlier history and it may be almost impossible for a pastor to visit everyone particullarly in the larger ones but soem Pastors still can and do visit.
  11. We need to pray for our pastors and elders, it is not easy to be in their positions.

  12. So true brother, so true. It is a huge responsibilty to counsel and direct people with descisions that will effect thier entire lives.

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