Pastor yelling at me for asking someone questions about something I wasnt invited to

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  1. I am so upset, I feel like my friend and pastor dislike me and want me to stay away from them because my friend said she needed space and was yelling at me for feeling excluded bc Im not invited places and thinking Im being rejected when that is supposedly not true.
    My pastor messaged me telling me I need to stop being offended when I don't get invited to things after he overheard me asking someone at church about a get together they had. And he said if I wanted to stay part of the group I need to stop asking people questions about their events that Im not invited to because it makes it look like Im upset that I wasn't invited. Ok I understand that but why is he making me out to be this horrible bad person and threatening to kick me out for simply asking what someone did when for clarification when I overhear them talking about a get together.
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  2. Find another church.
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  3. Right as I read pains my heart BC I've experienced this too.. Like ASUK reccomended...

    Get out! Any place that doesn't treat you with dignity isn't a place you need to be...

    It isnt a test of faith, but of common sense... People like that rarely change...especially if the pastor is acting like that..

    Take it from someone who has experienced that and worse..

    Leave before your faith is marred by their hypocrisy and actions.
  4. hi I don't really know your exact circumstances

    but i think sometimes people can fall into a vicious cycle

    in another word, they are not included by others at the church for social events, they feel isolated and lonely, they begin to question their self worth, they begin to want to prove to themselves others are not excluding them to protect their self worth by finding ways to ask questions about those gatherings/ or try too hard to be pleasant or whatever it is to remedy the situation, which make things worse because people feel like you are breathing down their neck......

    if above ring a bell for you, you might want to talk with a mature Christian in your life who has a gift of counselling to help you put things into a biblical perspective

    i not saying it is your fault, a church family should not excludes one member from its social events

    but you know, we dont live in a perfect world, but God will help you if you turn to him

    and if by any chance you havent prayed the prayer of salvation, i would encourage you to do it now

    this is the only way you can acess God's help

    God bless

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