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  1. Hi my name is Precious and I need your guidance and advice. I have a Pastor friend well he is not ordained a pastor actually but he is highly spiritual and is a Prophet of the most high. We have been friends for 18 years. Of course FRIENDS ONLY. I like him ONLY like a brother. or like an Uncle. He is older than me. He has always been there for me and helped me and counseled me and encouraged me when I had nobody else. ALSO HE HAS THE GIFT OF PROPHECY. He or the spirit of the most high Yah always calls me when I'm down to encourage me with a word.

    But here is my problem that I have with him, for 18 years on and off this man has made numerous passes at me. And I always tell him that I don't like him in that way and never will. He has helped me in other ways BUT the other side you guys don't know is that we argue alot too. We have different beliefs in alot of things. I always tell him I dton't like you in that way and never will. We only talk on the phone but I remember telling him before please don't talk to me this way and he would tell me if he can't talk to me the way he wants that I should not call him anymore. Before he would say things to me like. Boy I don't know who is gonna do the job. Meaning who is gonna me a baby because I always wanted a child but with a husband AND NOT HIM.

    Anyway yesterday I got really angry at him after what he said to me. All I did was ask him a question about why the father loves me so much and he said shut your mouth and keep quiet. Everybody wants you. The father is fighting for you and the devil is fighting for you and HE SAID THAT HE KNOWS THAT I BELONG TO HIM. That the father gave me to him. I was like no. So it bothered me so much yesterday and all day today that I had to call him and tell him how much it bothered me about what he said. I told him Shalom and then I said what you said yesterday was not right. I told him I like him but not in that way and I told him I never will. I told him me and you have two different beliefs. You believe that the heavenly father has a wife and I don't and never will. I love animals, you don't. I believe in marriage you don't. He says marriage is a curse because the scripture says in Matthew 24:38-39 before the messiah comes they were marrying and giving in marriage. And he believes in Polygamy without marriage. Anyway so after I told him this kindly please don't talk to me this way he stopped me and said," whoa, whoa, stop right there, just don't call my phone anymore please. And I said, ok thank you shalom shalom.

    Now guys what did I do that is so wrong? Now I'm over here feeling like Yahweh is gonna get me or something for rejecting him. But I always said to myself, that Yahweh is not the author of confusion. Why would he put two people together with two different beliefs. I believe in monogomy and he don't. I love animals and he don't. Well he don't believe they should be in the house. He believes God has a wife and I don't. I tell him it is not written anywhere in the scripture and he tells me not everything is written in the scripture but I say that's what I am gonna go by. In anycase like I said," everything he says comes true in the sense when he gives a prophecy to me. He told me I will have a baby in the future. He told me my mothers house has ghosts. When I'm sick he tells me what the spirit told him for me to take. And I get healed. So guys I just want to know. Did I do anything wrong? Is it ok for this man to keep making inappropriate passes at me? I tell yahweh all the time I say I shouldn't have to feel controlled. Your word says that you are not the author of confusion so why would you put two people together that has different beliefs. I say Yahweh I feel forced. I feel confused. And now that I told him this and he says don't call him anymore, now I feel like I'm gonna be punished or something. But for what? What did I do that is wrong?

    I ask Yahweh this and now i am asking you guys this. Can you please tell me what I did that is wrong because I truly do not like this man this way and never will. ALSO I just got married so that's another reason. I did not tell him I am married recently but I told him that I belong to another. Also it makes no difference if I am married because he does not believe in marriage. He thinks marriage is a curse so I told him that I belong to somebody already. And oh also what I told him today when I spoke to him is, I told him when you made a pass at me, I felt so disrespected that I felt like throwing up. I felt like vomiting. So please don't talk to me this way. That's when he said," whoa whoa stop right there. Just don't call me phone no more please. And I said," Ok thank you shalom shalom. Bye. So guys if I did something wrong please tell me. And if he is wrong please tell me but one thing is for sure is that no matter what your advice, my feelings for him will remain the same. I do not like him in that way and never will based on his beliefs and now I'm married anyway. Ok reply soon guys really need ya thanks
  2. Whoa!
    1. You guys have different beliefs. That don't work. For anybody.
    2. As a pastor...seems very aggressive. Pastors should not act that way.
    3. Polygamy is unacceptable in God's eyes. 1 man and 1 woman..not many women/wives.
    4. In my heart I would say find another church quickly. It's time to break the friendship and move on. Ask Jesus for guidance.
    5. Your married now. All ties must be broken.
    6. I will pray for you for new beginnings.
    7. Monogamy is a virtue and Blessed by God. May God Bless you abundantly sister.
    I hope I was not out of line here.

    Chili out.
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  3. Absolutely not, I love it. Just wanted to make sure I'm not out of line. I encourage other replies here. Thanks
  4. I am a bit confused: it seems like we are on the border of Creepyville and cult-like doctrines? Pleas I understand I mean no offense here, but I think there are some foundational misunderstandings from the Word of God on both sides.

    Forgive me as I am a relatively new Christian (I use that term cautiously); what 'religion' / 'denomination' or belief system do you most closely identify yourself with?

  5. No prophet from God would behave in this manner. He defiles and Blasphemes God. He disrespects what God has ordained. Get him out of your life as quickly and as permanently as possible. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 spouses. Just run.
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  6. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:He is mad. I guess he will quote John 14:13 ''ask in my name and you will receive'', but he forgets that applies to you too!! ;)

    Polygamy was accepted / tolerated OT within strict guidelines. But not in the NT according to Paul.
  7. Prescious... Are you christian? I mean, do you believe Jesus is the Creation's Lord?

    If your message is for real.... Get away from him, you are married. At least you like adultery games.

    By the way... If you Don't want to call for attention, your avatar and name invite for other man to contact you with the same pastor's intentions.

    Be sure you are not saying NO with your mouth, but YES with attitude.

    God bless you and spill wisdom on you
  8. Hey thanks for your reply and for all your replies. I've been very busy and there's been a passing in my family. So I've been in and out of the hospital dealing with the stress of that so you guys please pray for me. Thanks

    In answer to your question, I am a child of the most high Yahweh which is God's name in Hebrew and yes I believe in his son Yahushua the messiah which is Jesus name in Hebrew. I believe EVERYTHING THAT IS IN THE KING JAMES BIBLE and only follow the King James bible. I just like to call our saviors name in the Hebrew tongue. If you believe in the savior yahushua the messiah as in the English tongue is Jesus then Yes I am saved but

    I am confused as to you thinking that I might have told this man No with my mouth but yes with my actionso_OLet me tell you that is definately not the case at all. When we used to talk on the phone, all we talked about was Yahweh the most high and other topics like what is going on in the world news. That is it. So I really don't know where he got this idea that I belong to him. To this day, I am still disgusted and ever since then I HAVE NOT called him back and I have erased his number from my phone. However I must say he is very prophetic and seems to have the gift of prophecy from God. Does that make a difference or not? In anycase I never gave him any mixed messages because we never spoke about anything else other than Yahweh, world news or investment opportunities on the internet. That's it. So I really don't know where he got this kind of thinking from. Maybe and this is just a maybe he feels like since we've been friends on the phone for so long and I've stuck around this long, that maybe one day something will happen. But we've been friends well now ex-friends for 18 years so if nothing has happened in 18years, he should definately get the hint especially since I never gave him any inkling that I'm interested in anyway shape or form.

    I called him back the very next day because I was so steamed to tell him, look what you said to me yesterday about me being yours disgusted me and I am appalled you talking to me that way. Then I told him, look I belong to somebody else and not to you so before I could say anything else, he said whoa whoa stop right there, DON'T CALL MY HOUSE ANYMORE. And then I said ok fine thank you and shalom and that was that.

    One more thing I am confused about your comment about my avatar could you explain thanks

  9. Thanks... is clear now.

    Sorry about your family situation...
    You just lived a shaking situation... let Jesus be your refuge and all be fine.

    Respect avatar... remember this is a christian community, but exists wolves too, people concerned to divert believers.
    Maybe you are a beautiful woman, and you are right to be proud of this, but... you are married. Save the best for your husband... be humble... is just my opinion based on Yahweh word...

    God bless you
  10. I appreciate your reply and sympathy regarding my family situation. Thank you for that however I am a little concerned about your stand. I already told you many times above that I do not talk to that man the ex-pastor friend anymore since he said that. Didn't you believe me? Because right now I feel like you are judging me instead of believing me. If you read above I told him I belong to somebody else and before I could continue about my husband, he told me to stop and don't call his house anymore. Every since then I stopped calling him. It's been about a month now. Didn't you read this? Please I love my husband very much and everything is saved for my husband. This is judging especially when I already told you what was what. I got my husband to convert from Hinduism to Christianity Yes my husband is Indian. So I save everything for my husband so just please pray for us and please don't judge me especially when I already told you everything above. Thanks and shalom
  11. Hey... I'm not judging you... Sorry if you feel like that... Which sentence make you thought this.?

    You ask me about avatar... I answer specifically .

    Before I propose my fiancee I was with many women (not christian life) . After the wedding I try very hard to show the world how much I love my wife... But I have to fight against my flesh and make conscious changes about my behavior. Was a hard process accompany by Holly Spirit.

    Imagine an avatar like "Handsome" and put a photo showing my abs.... What I will be looking for? Would be respectful with my forum sisters?

    Really I'm not judging you... There only ONE perfect Judge, and I like how He rules.

    Remember, men are always alert beyond women signals... By example, the pastor guy.

    And yes... I'll praying for both of you

    God bless you more and more
  12. Precious, we belong to no one but God Himself. This pastor does not sound like a Godly man. If I were you, I'd stop all communication and I'd speak to another spiritual leader who is well versed in the bible.
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  13. Yes, it makes a difference: it makes what he's doing much worse. It means you perceived him as having spiritual authority, and he took advantage that perception by trying to convince you are denied free choice in your relationship. This is a manipulative practice I think we can accurately call "spiritual abuse." Based on what you've described to us, I'd say, don't second guess yourself, just be thankful you were aware enough to not be taken in by that manipulation. Hopefully having gone through this experience, you'll be able to provide good counsel to people experiencing similar things.
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  14. No need to apologize for judging. You did judge the avatar as inappropriate. That is fine. Judge is not condemn. You did not condemn! There is no need for Christians to walk on tip toes and not use their God given brains to judge!

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