Pastor doesn't want members praying or reading bible together

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  1. I think it is appalling to advise you to break friendships with other brothers and sisters in the body of Christ. As long as you are not undermining that church, which I am sure you would not, there is no reason to not stay in contact with your friends. 1 Corinthians 12 tells us we are all connected to each other no matter what another part says.
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  2. I told the other leaders in the church that I had been seeking counsel from. I told them that I don't want to put them in a position of compromise so I didn't want their thoughts on the issue but I was given tremendous support and told that I've left in a very good way as far as my interactions and dealings with them are concerned.

    It's a strange situation.
    It really is everyone's (exaggerating) opinion versus this one who happens to be the head pastor.
    Among congregation members, youth, parents, pastors, leaders in considered a good example with an absolute hunger for the Word and things of God. I'm blessed that people can see the good.

    I even graduated top of the Bible College at another institution and as I went up they read out words for each person getting their diploma and I was described as a man of integrity and character.

    I am unease writing these positive things about myself, other than to illustrate the contrast.

    Anyway. What an experience for me.
    It has brought me so much frustration and confusion and heartache. But now I am free from all of this and am attending a gospel-centres expository preaching church who seem to be very focused on glorifying God above all. I'm excited. We will see how it goes :)
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  3. Best wishes, pavilion103.
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