Pastor doesn't want members praying or reading bible together

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  1. I do not agree. The church has evolved and grown. Now whether that is good or bad is another question altogether.

    Is it not true that God uses different things and methods at different times according to Hebrews 1:1-2..............
    "God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds".
  2. Dr. Billy Graham once wrote in one of his books that he believes that only 25% of church members are truly saved.
    "I" say that is a very high number.
  3. The Church is not prodigal. People can be, but the true Church, the Bride of Christ is a people after God's own heart. He sees her as spotless and worthy because of the blood of His precious Son covering her.

    There is no place for pessimism in the Body of Christ. If you feel that way, choose to stir yourself and launch out to encourage those who are in Christ and appear to be flagging.
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  4. I'm ready!
  5. Yes! Many people we never expected to see in heaven will be standing right there greeting us. Conversely, many we expect to see there will be tragically missing.
  6. That is 100% correct. I am glad to know you will be waiting for me, wait.........maybe it is me who will be waiting for you.
  7. I think I am older than you, so there is a possibility I will be waiting to show you the way to your mansion.
  8. I do so wish that this idea of salvation of being 'saved' is only being BORNagain. was built on rather thanmade the be all and end all of it .
    When all of scripture says so much different .

    in Christ
  9. I wonder who ate him? There is always a bigger fish in the sea of humanity! :)
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    What embellishment do you want to add to the offer of salvation as received by faith and confessed before men?

    Do you mean there is more to that? Sure...there is, once one has received that free gift of grace. The bible is our source of all that we need to grow in Him, as well as the mentoring that He brings to us from among the Body of Christ around us where He places us.
  11. Good question!!!
    I read somewhere that he was killed by an inmate at the prison he was in.
  12. I saw your picture on your avatar and I know very well that you can not be a day over " ? " and I passed that a long time ago.
  13. Gerald.........."Saved" simply means that we will not be judged for our sin. We are "Saved" from the judgment!

    The PROCESS or ACTION by which that took place is through being "Born Again".

    Saved is the result of being born again. It really is not that hard brother.
  14. Lol...I have been blessed to look younger by about 10 years!
  15. You are giving away your age then. You must be 39 then !!!
  16. So happy to declare you WRONG!
  17. That is a sign of high intelligence. Your brain couldn't be bothered with trivial things.
  18. Thanks.......I think!
  19. Hello everyone.
    This is the original poster.

    After months of prayer and counsel I have decided to leave my church.

    It is a good church in many respects but also one which is lacking in many respects. No church is perfect but this is not the one for me. After 10 years I am gracefully leaving.

    Issues include:
    - that outlined in the thread on pastor trying to control all bible discussion in private time with other members of church. I cannot submit to this.
    - my pastor is a psychologist and much of the preaching is "principles" from the bible to overcome problems etc. He will pray for God to be glorified etc but the teaching is centred on psychology techniques of applying principles to help people.
    I see things much differently. I think the core is the gospel. I believe that we need to see and know God and through doing so more and more we will be transformed day to day. When we see God for who He is we will desire to die to ourselves and live for Him.
    Prayer and Bible is mentioned in sermons but it almost seems like a footnote rather than the absolute two means of transformation and power in our lives.
    Spiritual maturity needs to be such a fundamental emphasis. The Biblical "idea" of spiritual maturity, not just behaving well and smiling.

    My pastor is a genuine man of integrity and I have no doubt that he is doing the best that he knows how but I just don't agree with him.

    Other pastors that I have met with get this totally. But when I saw him very humbly and inquisitively he said I was "claiming higher revelation" that I "had to have other motives" for raising this and that I had an "Absalom spirit".
    I felt this was a deflection from the theological points that I desired to discuss with an open bible.

    It's been tough but I know I've made the right decision.
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  20. Also I'm not too hung up on every bit of doctrine being 100% to my interpretation, however I feel that this is all a bridge too far for me.

    I don't care how complex or simple or anything else, I just want to know more about God and to know Him more and to love Him and live for Him.

    I'm in Australia. It seems like most temporary Christianity is so far removed from biblical Christianity.

    With my church experience I care nothing for anything other than a room with four walls, even a handful of true brothers and sisters in Christ, a Bible, a pastor/preacher who understands and preaches a message of exhorting us to die to ourselves and live for Christ because of His love for us and His worthiness and most importantly the power of the Spirit and a spirit of fervent prayer.
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