Passover 2015 and that first and dreadful night

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  1. [​IMG] The Almighty moves in mysterious ways. The corporate media is a-Twitter about the agreement allegedly concluded in Switzerland about Iran and the secret nuclear weapon they are developing. The White House trumpeted success and Tehran promptly said foul. Iran got all they wanted and never signed a thing. Yet, the surprising actions by Israel’s former traditional opponents led by Saudi Arabia have sent an even stronger message to Iran, one of resolve and enlightened self-interest not appeasement. That this is all occurring within the time The Almighty called “Passover” should not surprise anyone.

    Over 3,500 years ago a former friend of the Hebrews turned on them and made them into a tribute people. Their previous friendship and unique status within Egypt was turned upside down and they became work levies, a people with no rights, captives within a land they once shared as close allies and friends with the most powerful empire at the time. The Pharaoh wanted their numbers controlled and ordered that male children be killed. One child was hidden among the enemies and grew to live among them as one of their princes, knowing their ways and way of thought. This child was Moses.

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