Parmesan Sundried Tomato Bread

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  1. A few years ago I watched a lady on youtube make this bread in her bread machine and I decided to get a bread machine and Parmesan Sun dried Tomato Bread would be my first, it just sounded so wonderful. The problem that arose was she was in the UK and Wrights Bread Mixes are not sold in the US. So I ordered off ebay << paid too much. But it was as wonderful as anticipated. So I began to experiment with making bread from scratch<<< some only the dog would eat. 6 months later I found a recipe for making white bread that came real close to success for me. This became the foundation of all the bread I make in the bread machine. Now I am making White, Onion Cheddar, and you guessed it Parmesan Sun Dried Tomato Bread. People request the bread, I jump at the opportunity to provide.
    I no longer cook bread for myself due to the need for a new wardrobe if I continue.
    Here is what Parmesan Sun Dried Tomato Bread looks like
    The green specks are Basil or Italian seasoning
    The answer is YES!
    It taste as good as it looks........ when hot with butter it will knock your socks off
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  2. Any way of getting the recipe? I enjoy homemade bread!
    Thanks for sharing!
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  3. The bread looks fantastic Peter. I have a 'soft' spot for bread. :D
  4. Looks great! Nom nom
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    Here goes I pray I write this so you can understand. If not please ask questions.

    4 cups of bread Flour I used all purpose before not sure there is a remarkable difference
    1 1/3 cup + 1 table spoon of warm/hot water
    1/2 cup dried milk
    2 tables spoons of butter cut into quarters let soften a bit just sitting on counter for the 10 minute wait should be enough
    2/3 cup of grated Parmesan cheese
    Sun dried tomato I use the ones in the jar they are in olive oil I place a few and cut them up I guess a tablespoon worth give or take a bit

    1-1/2 teaspoon salt
    2 table spoons of sugar
    Basil or Italian seasoning one or other to taste
    Garlic I will use as much as a table spoon of powder OR minced .... I am a garlic fiend might be the reason I spend my life a lone
    I also will mince some onion or use dried onion again I do it according to what I like Re fer to garlic my likes keep me friendless
    2-1/4 bread machine yeast or 1 packet
    Ok! Ready?
    In bread maker put sugar water and yeast. I use hot tap water and stir it and close the lid
    The in a mixing bowel combine Flour, milk, salt basil/Italian seasoning, garlic and onion
    After 10 minutes the yeast and sugar will have foamed up add dry ingredients.
    Place a piece of the quartered butter in each corner of the pan
    add cheese and sun dried tomatoes I pour them off the saucer into the pan and allow whatever olive oil is on the dish to drip in also
    I put my bread machine on Rapid white bread setting 2 pound loaf it usually takes 2 hours and10 minutes
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  6. Awesome! Thanks for the recipe. I'm going to try it by hand (with God's help), as i do not have a bread machine, so i will let you know how it turns out!
    Blessings my friend

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