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  1. Hi guys, I would like to ask you for some advices concerning parental control. I want to be sure that my kids are during using the internet but I'm not into software programs at all.... Could you explain me how to set up such a control ? If it helps you, I've got windows 7 on my computer.

    Thanks for help in advance !
  2. I'm not familiar with the parental software, but I will say that the first step would be to put your computer/kid's computer in a room that's open where you can see what they're doing the majority of the time. There are others here that are much more techy than I. I'll let them answer the software question.
  3. You would be better off getting something like Kaspersky.. It allows you to perform many level of locks.. They can block URL's based on content (like sex, violent content, etc).. It would also allow you to monitor activities being done.. Windows itself does not provide any greate parental control..
  4. I would recommend an alternate solution..... Download a keylogger or screenshot capture software so that you can see exactly what your kids are getting into. It won't prevent them from looking things up, but you'll be able to address it with them and get to the root of why they are looking up those things. Or, download a keylogger in addition to blocking certain sites. Almost all web browsers have built in options for web search. Check out a Christian filter software called Covenant Eyes. Hope it helps!
  5. The best software I've seen is actually Microsoft Family Filter. It logs every site, and you can set it so that it only permits sites that you specifically allow. It's about the simplest and most effective controls I've seen. It's also free, so there is that.
  6. I use OpenDNS... you can block anything you want with it and it's FREE :)
  7. Well, before you install anything like this you can try some other measures like placing the computer that your kids are using in the common room. You should also try to talk with your kids about the things they can and can't do or watch on the internet. In my opinion awareness is critical if we want to avoid unpleasant behaviors in the future. But if you really want to install some monitoring software I'd recommend you NetNanny or PCWebControl.
    I hope that helped a bit :)
  8. And there's nothing to install...

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