Parachute Jump

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by Dusty, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Too dificult.
  2. Fun! Thanks for posting.
  3. This thread needs to be deleted!!! :mad:

    Or Daffy needs to take his underpants off that pole and put them back on. :D

    I don’t need to see a naked duck this early in the morning. :p

    (I wonder why I never noticed he was naked when I was a kid :confused:)
  4. :DLol. Dean ..... Ha ha . What's the matter did the game become too much for you so you have to blame it on the duck ? Ha ha :D:D

    Anyways .... Have a good day and you know what Dean ?

  5. Forget it ..... I can't get any .:mad::mad:
  6. I have spent far too much time trying to land that darn duck safely. Some success (about 20%)
    Thanks Dusty.
  7. you guys are having heaps of FUN...while I can't even get the site to load completely......stilll do enjoy yourselves with the silly
  8. Cool .... I just tried again and got two....... Yeah !!!!
  9. I scored 2 0f 10, 3 of 10 then 5 of 10. Watching the wind is the secret.:)

  10. Awwww..... You are just too smart for the average bear ..... Ha ha ...:D:Dor should I say duck.... He he :):):p:p
  11. 5 out of 10? :eek:
  12. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.:p
  13. How do you guys find stuff like this??? I never can!

    I jumped out...and thought - wonder what's going to happen. Whooooooo! Plop! He fell in the sand and left an imprint of himself.

    OH, I thought! There's a CHUTE button, too?! Hee hee hee.

    Shame on you! All of you! Do you realize how much time I've just wasted playing this? It's so cuuuuuuuute!:p

  14. Never mind , Whirlwind .... We still luvs ya ..... He he . If it makes you feel any better I did the same thing when I first played until I saw the chute button. But that still didn't help my score.:D:D
  15. Neat.
  16. So if his polka dot shorts are flapping in the breeze one way...I jump out PAST that point and let him fall a little while before pulling the chute. Then he glides gently down onto the landing platform. KEWL!!!:D

    This little game is addicting! Wonder if they have it available for download onto a laptop.:eek:

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