Paper Cup

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  1. Paper Cup

    Paper Cup

    Petals ignite on the ground
    Off a broken vase, off a broken shelf
    In a broken home, with their broken smiles
    Say “why don’t you stay a while”

    I'm like a bird alone on a power line
    Just waiting for the sunrise
    Day after day, fight after fight
    I’m trapped, can’t watch a sunrise at night.

    They say when life can be held in a paper cup
    It obviously can’t amount too much.
    But a paper cup is all what I have been given.
    A living testament, life's curse is never forgiven.

    Oh, sunrise! I want to rise with you
    Singing, breathing like you
    Rise above the misery, above this life
    A bird who has found the sunrise

    And can fly away
  2. That is great.

    Please can you confirm that it is either your own work or not subject to any copyright restrictions.
  3. That is wonderful. Thanks for the confirmation. Sorry I needed to ask but we have to be careful and the post did not say if it was your own material.

    God bless you
  4. :blink::blink::blink::blink::blink:

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