Painting a bad picture.

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  1. Painting a bad picture.

    Does this paint a bad picture for you or am I the only one disturbed by this video?
  2. I'm the only one?
  3. No you're not the only one?
  4. This is a hard issue to approach because it is difficult to document one way or the other .

    and if we cannot document what we're talking about on either side of the conversation it just becomes an ugly debate that amounts to judging the work God is doing through one of His servants . I'm not much into judging God so that's why i haven't chimed in . He's God's servant . so i'll let God judge Him .
  5. I do not like this speaker. I just get a funny feeling about him. I mean, he's saying people are getting "slained in the holy spirit" by whipping them with towels or just pushing them. It's like he's making a big show out of it. Benny Hinn is NOT God, so he should stop acting like he is! Lol. (Sorry if I come off as rude!)

    But...I do agree with you, Michael. We aren't God. We do not know his heart. Only God does. And God should be the only one that judges him!

    And it seems to me that the interviewer didn't like Benny Hinn!
    I mean, i do believe that he may have a gift of healing. But again, healing comes from the Father, not us. And I do know that some people get healed, but then, their sickness comes back again. And I don't understand that. I believe that it may just not be from God. I believe if God heals you, you STAY healed. That's what I feel. if it comes back, then it must not have been from God.
  6. Katie, you bring up an interesting perspective . in what way does he come off as acting like he is God?
  7. I can't really explain it lol. He acts as if he's the one healing the people. And that's not it. I do believe that God gives us a gift of healing. I mean, I think in the BIble it talks about how after Jesus was crucified, his disciples went out and healed people. But healing comes from the Father. Not from us. And Benny Hinn just seems like he takes the credit and doesn't give the credit to God.
  8. It is the work of God (The healings and power getting about) however;
    This^ he is maybe doing and I think there might be some other problems too, but I just dont know anymore than that.
  9. Just a reminder to all,

    Not to say that it has happened but just a reminder:

    Common courtesy
    Rule 2.0 Let the Love of God and the Fellowship of the Spirit guide all you do and say.

    5. Unsubstantiated claims about any individual, including but not limited to teacher/preacher/pastor/minister/evangelist/media personality/political figure, etc.
    ALL claims MUST be well documented.

    Please continue

  10. Thanks for explaining Katie .

    what you're saying makes sense . because Jesus told his disciples to heal in His name . and if all these theatrics are going on maybe it is easy to miss what he means by it because each time he doesn't always say "in Jesus name" but something in tongues . or some other saying that comes to him . and because each action is in the spotlight .. it's about as likely as me passing such a test if each moment of my life were videotaped then analyzed by people and such .

    In the interview though he was asked a similar question in relation to a boy who did not get healed and when asked about why he didn't get healed Benny said "i am not the healer" . but if that were the central focus of everything going on . then he wouldn't need to explain that . so on an edifying level Katie, you have identified an area of improvement for his ministry .

    Cool :)
  11. Yeah, I did catch that! Which I was happy about!
    Exactly! Well put! :)

    Thanks for the reminder! :) :) :) :)

  12. Remember the blind man in Mark? Jesus healed the guy's blindness .. he saw people like it was the matrix (i see men as trees walking) and then Jesus healed him again and he saw regular .

    I've noticed in healing (and from the gospel texts associated) there is 1) a battle with sin (who sinned that this man be afflicted, him or his parents?) 2) a time factor influenced by faith (they were healed in that hour) 3) an intensity factor influenced by faith . (according to your faith may it be done unto you)

    If one were to compare today with the type of things that were happening in the apostles' day . one would say .. our faith is weak . there is no peter to blow his nose in a hankie and heal someone or walk by and heal everyone in his shadow .

    What it took one christian an instant to do . now takes many christians praying to do . but it isn't just about faith . sin pushes back . so if a healing takes too long or there is not enough trust for God to operate through . then sin grows back . and causes problems again .

    not sure if this would follow with your logic or not . but that's how i reason through the scriptures regarding aggressive recurring illnesses (whether it be physical, emotional, or whatnot) and the power of healing .

    Stay blessed

  13. We need to realize anyone can make a video about anyone and chop it up to say anything. I've seen it done too many times by some who just don't like somebody. And it's way too common on youtube about Christians

    I agree with Godbe4me
  14. Godspeaks, that sounds like a very important point you're making . but you may need to document it ;)

    I also appreciate the reminder Godbe4me has provided us .
  15. Its easy to see on some of them.

    As far as document I have sometimes seen the originals and then see how someone else has left things out. It has even been done to me ( not on youtube) to quote some statements of mine out of context and put them with others. When you do that you can seamingly make a person say something they are not saying.
  16. I know what you mean Godspeaks, in this case i was joking :)
  17. lol. I never know if someone is joking or serious, if they don't laugh :)
    My point was that criticizing someone is not the love of God in action, and it not pleasing to Him

  18. yes a wink is a little subtle online .

    and i agree with you :)
  19. nope. Didn't notice the wink. I sometime use a smile to show that I am not angry or anything, since its hard to know by just typing how a person is feeling.
  20. Yeah, i've noticed that . the wink ;) and the wide grin :D look very similar .

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