pain and suffering

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  1. pain and suffering

    Can anyone give me some wise advice on how to answer a client of mine, a lady in her eighties, who suffers severe pain throughout her body continually, extreme breathlessness, and other painful health problems, which limit her life so that it is an effort to move between chair and bed, and she rarely goes outside her house. Not a Christian, not really understanding the concept of God, but she asks me "Why does God want to keep me hanging around like this?" "What use am I to anyone?" and similar questions. I want to give her food for thought, not just glib meaningless answers, as I believe this is an opportunity to give her the Truth, as I believe her time is short. I have prayed for God to help me to answer her wisely.
  2. Hi

    First, just curious, is she getting medical help? Do the doctors know what is causing this condition.

    Second, I think your love and concern for her and her troubles is a great place to start and you're doing that. I guess when she asks why God is keeping her alive I would find a loving way to say that He wants her with Him so He is giving her time to get saved. Then I would try to talk to her about John 3:16 and tell her all about Jesus' love and sacrifice for her. Obviously, you are the one who knows her and can guess what her reaction will be but this could be a start. What do you think?

  3. That is excellent advice. That dear lady needs to know Jesus Christ as Lord.
  4. Lorraine,

    Only God can open a heart and mind to understanding. If someone here gave you a dialog that sounded brilliant, it would have no effect unless it was what God wanted you to say to her.

    So my best advice is this:

    Pray for God to use you in whatever way He chooses - which may or may not be with words.

    After you pray open your Bible and read, and read, and read...,

    Then pray again. Ask that she hear whatever God wants to tell her regardless of anything you may say.

    Next time you see this woman don't try. You can do nothing. It's up to God what He wants to do, when He wants to do it and through whom He will do it.

    Be open to the Holy Spirit and aware of when God asks you to speak and when He tells you to be still and listen.

    Don't be afraid or ashamed to admit you don't have all the answers - you cannot know all things because you are not God.

  5. Most excellent replies. I'm sure it will bless her to think God is keeping her alive so she has a chance to be with Him. And you are her connection.

    Also, the praying and studying the Word will allow God to speak to you as to what you need to say, or even read to her. Believe that He is preparing her heart even now for you to speak His words to her heart. What a golden opportunity to usher a soul into Heaven! Thanx for sharing.
  6. Amen. Who knows but that the Lord will use you to save her soul.

    Jas 5:20 Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.
  7. Please let us know if you are blessed to see what God does in this woman.....and don't be discouraged. God doesn't always show us the fruit of our work in this lifetime.
  8. Thanks everyone for your ideas. I certainly have been praying that God will give me the words that he wants me to speak to her, and that the Holy Spirit will soften her heart to receive them. Laura, she does have a doctor, but her condition is irreversible, she's just at the end of her life.
    Ginger you are so right - the smoothest presentation that we can devise will most probably have no effect - it is the word of God and the voice of the Holy Spirit that reaches the heart. I like the idea that God is keeping her alive so that she can know him and spend eternity with him. I will
    keep you all informed. Blessings:smile_anim:

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