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  1. p.o.d

    does anyone else like them?i just started listening to them. my favorite songs are "youth of the nation", "alive", and "if it wasent for you" :D
  2. I listen to them and I have a friend who thinks they are the best!
  3. yea they are really cool :shepherd:
  4. I fall on the "Pillar" side of this equation personally, just because POD doesn't really "speak" to me exactly. But I have a few of their CDs, and I'll play them from time to time.
  5. All this talk of music is making me miss my cds- I have been boxing stuff for about 6 weeks now in anticipation of a move- I should have packed my music last- argh- oh well they say hind sight is usually 20-20! :D
    By the way if you are into Christian music do a google search on a site called Sound and Spirit- they usually have a special for joining- buy 1 cd at regular price and get 11 free- with nothing else to buy or no obligation- with shipping you usually average about to about $4.00 a disc- a great deal by any standard and a really broad selection of music.

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