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  1. Today, during my reading, I came across the command to be godly. I looked up godliness in the dictionary, but I didn't like the definition. So I looked it up online, and I came across this article:

    Though it sounded a bit legalistic to me, I think it was a good article. But I thought about what it said, about having God at the complete center of your life, and having a deep relationship with Him, and I just felt overwhelmed. It was a feeling of fear, and overwhelmed is the right way to describe it for me. I don't think I'm ready for all of that.
  2. I understand why you feel overwhelmed by it because it IS overwhelming if we try to do it ourselves. Living godly as it is described in the bible is not meant to, nor can it be done in our own strength. It is the work of the Holy Spirit, doing the works in us.
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  3. Juk stop the fear and only believe that God has you covered and wilol work His plans out in your life. You need to go at your pace and as time goes by God will increase things slowly and one day you will simply say........Hey when did I start being like this or doing this.
    Relax and be a 13 year old or another words a Christian teen ager already. Live brother and enjoy. God has this covered for you
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  4. Hey you messed up Mykuhl.......I was going to give you a like but then see how you have a double posting going on I am finding it difficult to make up my mind on which one to like.
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  5. Lol! I actually just realized that now.
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  6. I fixed it. I just liked this one instead !!
  7. I remember when I first heard that I was supposed to die and Christ was supposed to live in me that I got a little scared and thought, "what about me, what is going to happen to me then?" I didn't understand what I was saying back then lol.
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  8. I thought God had this big set of rules and every time I thought I was starting to do good the rules changed and I was wrong again. I also thought I was in sin and God was mad because of the thoughts that kept popping into my head. Then years later I learn we can not stop the thoughts from coming in but we do not have to feed them or give them a home. Set me free
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  9. To me this is the only way that i desire to live my life totally and completely submitted to the Word and God. And having Him at the center of my life. This is what keeps me in complete peace, because He completes me.

    It does take some time to train the brain and the body to have God at the center of one's life......but if done a little at a time (cuz God knows we cannot do it all at once) it's not as bad as you think. I had to learn that being this way has to have a starting point and it takes a life time....it's like making a claymation video. It takes (or used to take) years....because each movement was done separately and the whole movie was a reel full of tiny movements captured in screen shots.
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  10. God changes us a little at a time.. Think of a piano tuner. When they go to tune one of those big fancy grand pianos they have to do it a couple of strings at a time other wise it will fall apart or crack up and so forth. We are just like this piano Juk, God does a little at a time for we can not handle it all done at once.
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  11. I always thought that God pulled the rug out from under me when i got comfortable, so that i would always need to stay on me knees for strength, to stay connected to Him....it kept me living in fear somewhat. Learning that even the people who have been with God a long time had to start out small and practice being godly.....helped me to realize i was ok, and gave me the strength to get back up and try again....in God's strength.
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  12. Remember that feeling so you can be prepared. That is the devil putting you into his prison again. There is NO condemnation to those that walk in the Spirit which is freedom! :)
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  13. Amen to be Godly....To be God Like or Like God........so tell the author of those overwhelming feelings to take a hike For your God has got this and You are being conformed into His image daily, little by little......So in all truth where is the problem? Oh yea in the hands of the one who wants to place that old nasty yoke of bondage back on you.....Strange thing is Jesus totally destroyed the thing so what ever yoke the devil brings will not fit for it is as counterfit all nice and camouflaged so as to con you into putting it on...........
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  14. Read 1 Corinthians 3. I strongly believe it is very much pertaining to what you just posted.
  15. Juk, remember this.........

    2 Timothy 1:7...........
    "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

    One of my favorite definitions of fear is that it is:

    That is more true than most people realize. Statistics have proven that a vast majority of the things we fear never become reality. But, in our mind's eye, the false fears can sometimes seem more real than anything else around us.

    When we are looking to determine the true nature of something, the best place to look is in God's Word.

    Rom. 8:37.........
    "No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us."

    Juk.....Satan is our adversary. He hates us!!!! He sends all kinds of life-defeating, joy-stealing attacks to threaten the well-being and faith of God's children. Romans 8:35-39 tells us that we will face trouble, hardship, persecution, famine, nakedness, and sword.

    But in spite of that Paul is encouraging us to stand firm in our faith when those attacks come, reminding us that not only will we win in the end, but Jesus enables us to win now. Satan lacks the power to steal our eternal destiny, and he cannot separate us from the love of God right now.
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  16. In what way?
  17. Did you read it?
  18. Most of it. But I was so hungry that I had to stop because I could not focus.

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