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Discussion in 'Thoughts for Today' started by Dusty, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Overwhelmed

    Overwhelmed by Your grace…
    Overwhelmed by Your steadfastness…
    Overwhelmed by Your sovereignty…
    Overwhelmed by Your faithfulness…
    Overwhelmed by Your abundance…
    Overwhelmed by Your truth…
    Overwhelmed by You…

  2. and....

    Overwhelmed by Your mercy
    Overwhelmed by Your power
    Overwhelmed by Your beauty
    Overwhelmed by Your love
    Overwhelmed by Your splender
    Overwhelmed by Your glory

  3. Nice :smiley90:
  4. Everything about Him is overwhelmingly awesome!

  5. Yup ... You got that right sis.
  6. That's awesome :) Instead of being overwhelmed with our life problems, let's be overwhelmed by God's goodness! Even though that's much easier SAID then DONE!
  7. We should not be 'under the circumstances'
    as some say. But on top of the situation because with God we have the victory!
  8. That's so true little sister . We can get caught up in the moment so to speak but we also know Who is by our side, taking our hand amd guiding us through .

    In the natural yes , it is not easy but with our Supernatural Heavenly Father all things are possible .

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