Overcoming Discouragement

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  1. Having faced discouragement myself this article is not some pie-in-the-sky theory, but it is information that has helped others overcome discouragement.

    All of us speak words to ourselves that either encourage us with impetus to move upward and onward, or to denigrate ourselves and tear us down. When you look in mirror in the morning, what do you say to yourself? Is it in essence "I am blessed" or is it "I am cursed"? Recognizing and identifying what many have called the self-talk in your life is an initial step to turning around discouragement.

    Almost no one can make the necessary changes relying on your own strength. Most Alcohol Anonymous members acknowledge that you must call on a Higher Power. This power, though, needs to be specified to work deeply in your life. You connect to this Higher Power, God, through faith in Jesus' death for your sins and faith in his resurrection power. It is only by welcoming the Holy Spirit, the resurrection power, and the strength he brings that empowerment comes to help fight off those negative attitudes and temptations.

    Note: The book entitled Never Fail: Success Strategies expands on this theme and is available from Barnes and Noble, and amazon.com.
  2. Unfortunately, Never Fail: Success Strategies is no longer in print.

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