Over-coming Fear(Part 1)

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  1. Mat.10:29-32-'Are not two
    sparrows sold for a farthing?And
    one of them shall not fall on the
    ground without your Father.But
    the very hair of your head are
    all numbered.Fear you not therefore,you are of more value
    than many sparrows'.
    In life,men have fears-fear of
    the future,fear of the
    present,fear of the past,fear of
    situations or conditions around and so on.
    How did fear come about?
    Gen.3:9-10-And the LORD God
    called unto Adam and said unto
    him,'Where are you?'And he said,'I
    heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was
    naked;and I hid myself'.
    So,fear wasn't a part of
    man,when God made him but a
    product of a fallen nature-a
    nature that is not under the protective covering of God.
    Adam said,'I was afraid because I
    was naked',I don't want us to
    see nakedness here,only as not
    just putting on clothes,but
    also,as lost of one's protective covering-defence-
    What is fear?
    Fear is a spirit and an enemy.I
    know,we would have heard
    various defination and explanation for fear,some say is
    a state of mind,others say,it's
    something else.But one thing I
    know,is this,fear is a strong man
    and when it comes,it
    imprisons,takes over, the mind and body-try as hard as possible
    to get rid of it,it won't just
    go.Its purpose,in a life,is to end
    such life,in failure,self-
    destruction and
    death;these,brethren,are the attributes of evil spirit,not of
    God-For you have not recieved
    the Spirit of bondage again to
    fear;but you have recieved the
    spirit of adoption,whereby we
    cry,Abba,Father(Rom.8:15). When Adam was a son,he heard
    the voice of God,as a Father and
    was not afraid.But the day he
    fell,something in him,just became
    afraid of that voice.Psalm68:1-
    Let God arise,let His enemies be scattered:let them also that
    hate Him,flee before Him.So Adam
    couldn't stand that voice
    because an enemy of God had
    possessed him.
    How can I over-come fear? These are the ways,I know you
    can over-come fear-by the
    Power in the Word of God and
    faith,in that Word.
    Fear is a strong man and to
    break free from the grip of a strong man,you need the help of
    a stronger,one who can bind,the
    strong man,first(Mat.12:29).The
    Word of God is God and the Word
    made flesh,is Jesus Christ(read
    John1:1-14).Jesus Christ is the stronger and our deliverer,from
    all evil,including fear.
    If Christ is our deliverer,how
    come most believers still live in
    bondage to fear?Hasn't Christ
    delivered us indeed?Or,are we ignorant of the what the
    sacrifice,He made for us,really meant?Or are
    we just faithless?
    Christ has delivered us indeed
    and this our deliverer,is not a
    man or some power but the very Son of the Living God,Maker
    of men,demons,powers and all
    things.Men answer to Him,demons
    answer to Him,everything
    answers to Him but He
    answers,to noone and nothing. Before satan went after Job,he
    took permission from God,first
    (Job1:6-12).No devil,no power,no
    demon,no situation,no
    condition,nothing, has power
    over you,as a child of God,stop walking in ignorance,know your
    worth and whom your Father
    is.Anything that comes against
    you,is the thing, God permitted
    and nothing God permits to come
    against you,is to destroy or kill you but to reveal a better you-
    a man of faith,a man of prayer,a
    man of strenght.If gold was a
    man,he wouldn't want to go
    through the fire,but the fire,is
    what can reveal,the beauty,hidden,within the gold
    and this is how our faith,will be
    Walk in the awareness,of whom
    you are and what you are-the
    glory of God(Isa.43:7). To be continued
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  2. Good thoughts, Olaitan. All who place their confidence in Jesus need have no fear. But we often still do. May we learn to trust Him.
  3. Courage is needed in all aspects of our lives to enable us to action our beliefs and evangelism is no different. If we have a belief and conviction but not the courage to live out our convictions, then we are just well meaning but weak people. Here is an Evangelism article that might be of help http://www.evangelismaustralia.com.au/take-courage-evangelist
    There is a great, free PDF printout with Bible verses that you can download there to give you the courage to be bold in your witness.
  4. Wow I really need this. I have social anxiety and that stops all areas of your life, fear of man is defintely a snare.
  5. The Bible tells us God has not given us a spirit of fear. And of course Jesus tells us not to fear those who can only kill the body, but rather the one who can do that and then send us to hell. These passages work together to create a picture of Christians as bold and fearless ambassadors to truth. But is that really the case in today's world?

    Most professing Christians today are afraid to live without money. They think they can't survive without it. But of course they can; the belief one needs money to live is just a big lie conjured together by the devil.

    Most "Christians" today are also afraid to obey Jesus' commands. Here's one: the Bible tells us not to call any man on earth "Father". (Matthew 23:9) But how many "Christians" obey this command? Not many. And the reason? Besides greed, usually fear.

    Let us pray the Father for more Christians with the courage and heart to live out their professed beliefs. Amen? Amen.
  6. Ray Comfort has a great teaching on how to over come the fear of man.
  7. We have come to know and have believed the love which God has for us. God is love, and the one who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.

    By this, love is perfected with us, so that we may have confidence in the day of judgment; because as He is, so also are we in this world.

    There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. NASB

    Yeah, you grow in Love, not grow in evangelizing.

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