Our Wedding

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  1. We got married at Ocean Shores WA on the beach. T'was a beautiful weekend. NO RAIN LOL

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  2. Wow. You guys look awesome. Congratulations!!!
  3. Sorry I'm a bit late...

    Congratulations and thanks for the photos.
  4. Thank you my old friend jonbanjo :)
  5. Congrats Chili brother! Sorry I am late, as you know I just recently started jumping on as I felt the need to...Got a lot of catching up to do!!

    Hows married life brother!? P.S I got engaged few months ago hehe xD
  6. Congrats Chilli!!
  7. Congrats to! Thanks for pics. Sorry we late. I never visit this section.

    I expected to see a chilli with your flower...
  8. Thank you guys
  9. Congrats! I'm sorry I'm late too. May God bless and keep both of you. :)
  10. Congrats chili man!
  11. Yes congrats!
  12. Congratulations! You both look hot, like a chili.
  13. wow, I don't know how I have missed this thread, or this whole sub forum for that matter!

    a belated congratulation.
  14. I just realized it says November. I never knew about this gallery section either.
  15. An extremely late congratulations. :giggle:

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