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  1. What does our username mean? Mine USED to be DanaCovert68, but as you can see it is Jesus Freak.

    Jesus Freak to me, and me alone means I'm a freak for Jesus. I love HIM, and I know He loves me too. Now your turn.
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  2. Ceile De is Gaelic for "companion of God"
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  3. I'm Jon(athan) and I try to play the (tenor) banjo. It's a nickname some people know me by...

    Perhaps if I ever hit my sort of road to Damascus moment (I wish), I'll change it but until then I'm likely to stay as this version of "me".

    It can be a difficult one, I know and I've sometimes wondered about changing names. Perhaps I could become "Saved by His Glory" (if that's not already taken....) but it wouldn't be real (in the sense that I believe there is a lot that needs sorting with me and I don't feel "there"), "20 odd yrs' a battling Satan [and loosing some rounds]" wouldn't sound too good... (feels like that sometimes) and just about anything else I'd come up with at the moment would feel pretentious and/or false.

    Don't get me wrong here a "Christian" handle might absolutely be the right choice for another person but I believe I should (for better or for worse....) present myself as this "me" to the forum.
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  4. Mine is A263149. What does it mean? It means I got tired of being banned from christian chat rooms because of my name or being judged for the ones I chose. Not that I was trying to go out of the way to cause offence either.
  5. King Jesus
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  6. Abdicate - something a king does to surrender his throne to another, in this case, my life for Jesus.
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  7. Mitspa- could be read a couple ways but I understand it to be the place where God sees and judges what is righteous. It also could translate into "watchtower"
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  8. When I think watchtower I think JW, unfortunately.
  9. I was tired of trying to get creative, so my first and last name will do for now. Jesus Freak, how did you change your user name?
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  10. My name is allie in real life. My dad calls me Allison. :) wi is the first two letters of my extremely looooong German last name. But for the record- I'm 3/4 French and only 1/4 German. ;-);-)
  11. Lol
  12. Nice! My last name is Armenian, but if you saw my pasty white skin you'd be able to tell that I'm definitely not Armenian :p. My great grandmother had my grandfather from a previous marriage then married into the Kurkjian name. After my family did some research, my last name should really be Bennett (although Brian Michael Bennett kind of sounds like a serial killer:cautious::confused:, so I'm happy to have stuck with Kurkjian). I'm a mutt; English, Polish, German, Irish, and Norwegian(y).
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  13. Yea it too bad some of these wonderful pictures of God have been defiled by some. Consider a rainbow is a wonderful symbol of Gods good intentions toward man, but it has been made into a rather ungodly symbol of mans corruption.
  14. Don't think I will be charged with being a JW :LOL:
  15. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1395072049.908816.jpg
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  16. No of course not. Evil is always hijacking definitions of words--
  17. I love Bennett! That's my dad's middle name :)

    But yes-- slightly serial kilkeresque when it's a last name and said with a middle name--

    Why are they always triple names? lol
  18. I guess middle names in the late 19th century became a point of pride, that could be one option. The other more likely option is they are used to cut down on mistaken identity, so people with the same first and last name weren't looked at as crazies :eek:.
  19. No one can beat mine.. Ravindran - my name! Simple :D Did not even bother to include last name.. My last name is Gopinathan.. Does anyone bother to try pronouncing it? :D
  20. M. Raveendran fondly known as "Raveendran Master", was a popular South Indian music composer and playback singer from Kerala. He was always referred to as the aristocratic music director of Malayalam who had a distinctive style of his own.

    Gopinathan' is a famous name which was used in Southern States of India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in the 1950s and 1960s among the progressive Hindu families. The name is derived from the Lord Krishna, who is considered to be a hero in protecting young girls.


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