Our family member.

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  1. Our family member.

    If anyone knows Susan Atkins (for more info, see Charles Manson), she is known for being a participant in assassination of a famous actress. She was sentenced to life in prison with possibility of parol.

    She has been born again since 1974 and has been serving the community and God in various ways through prison!

    I cannot stand to see a family member of ours persecuted. It seems as tough this is persecution, because of her intense dedication to the community through out the years, even in Church activities. :eek: It is known that she has months to live. But her dying wish to live outside and dye at home with husband.

    As Christians, would you be okay that she be granted to come out of prison? I may be more sympathetic, but I would. Her wish has been denied.

    Ailing Manson follower denied release from prison - CNN.com

  2. im sorry she may be born again BUT she commited a crime (in my mind one of the worst) and she should have to finish out her sentance life or not. say if she was a rapeist would you still feel the same?
  3. Prayer for her is all we can do and I am so encouraged that she is born again but God knows and sees all and we do not know why she is still there other than God wishes for her to minister to others.:groupray::groupray::groupray:
  4. Dusty thank you. I will join with you in prayer. :groupray::groupray:
  5. :pray:...

    God has had mercy upon her for her faith in Christ Jesus and He has used her mightily in the prison system. The freedom she has in Christ Jesus is so much greater than her cell walls...May we all have lives that are as profitable to the Kingdom of God and pleasing to Our Father and may it NOT take being incarcerated to get us there!!!

    This is a powerful story that we can all learn from; God forgives our sins, man doesn't forget.

  6. So true Worshipper ..... God forgives .... Man doesn't.We are not the judge. We have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God. But for His saving grace we can live. One sinner is no different from another. God has put our sins into the sea of forgetfullness as far as the east is from west..... Praise His name. :dance::dance::dance::dance:

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