Our Daily Walk And Union With Christ

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  1. One of the most difficult things to do in the Christian life is to pinpoint exactly how every believer is to live. It is difficult because it is not God's intention that every believer live the same or be the same in manifestation of the Christ in him.
    Actually, the very heart of the message of the Christian life is that Christ will flow out of each human being differently, and because there is only one Son, God has elected that all who are created in His likeness and image should be different so that one Son might be manifested unto Him in many various ways.
    This means that typical religion and doctrine, derived to make all believers look and act alike, are not only error but a tremendous effrontery to the Christ who has been birthed in the believer.
    It is God's grace that has allowed Christ to come into the believer, regardless of the believers condition of sin and the kind of person he is.
    It is God's intention that Christ overwhelm all that the believer previously was. By no means, however, is the distinctiveness of that believer taken away because Christ flows out of him. As we so often say it is Christ in us, as us.
    The salvation that comes by Christ, which God accomplishes for those who believe, includes, among other things, the placing of the saved one in three distinctive positions.
    First, the believer is placed in the position of a son of God, 1st John 3:2.
    Second, the believer is placed in the position of a citizen of heaven.
    Third, we are placed as members of the family of God. Paul is very confident in this matter that believers are distinctive part of the house of God, John 14:2.
  2. Perhaps being a little more clear on this would be a good thing.

    We are all called to be Christ Like
    We are all to follow God's word or the way we are to operate once we become born again.

    We all have different callings or another words God has a unique plan for everyone.

    We are all different from birth and if smart we allow God to remove from us anything about us that is offensive to Him and replace it with more of Him.

    Sure our personalities are different but we need to be one in mind and spirit with Christ.

    Christ flows out According to how much Christ is within. That's our call not God's .
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  4. Noblemen
    You said......Hmmm don't really know what to say, we are just completely on a different page. Get more of Christ, impossible.

    You can not be serious here.....
  5. Jim not trying to be smart, but you received the complete Christ the moment you were born again.
    Soul-mind is a different story.
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  6. Now go back and put what I said back in context .
  7. Noblemen what does the word Seed imply to you ?

    If you are simply saying when we become born again and the spirit of God is placed in us and there is nothing else that can save us then yes Christ is complete there.

    But Christ in you still needs to be built up and perfected. If Christ in you is left alone and nothing else is done then one fails to live the life God created them to live and escape the fire smelling like smoke.

    Christ in us is just like the measure of faith given to each of us. It is as Seed and needs to grow.

    The soul is your mind, will and emotions.
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  8. Gal. 4:19 My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you...
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  9. We must divide soul and spirit, the amount of scriptures that claim our completeness in Christ is insurmountable.
    Paul is absolutely talking about the soul of the believer.

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