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    image.jpeg sagisou07L-750x380.jpg IMG_95561.jpg The-Flying-Duck-Orchid.jpg The-Flying-Duck-Orchid.jpg image.jpeg

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  2. These arent plastic flowers , these are real,

    Though theyre flowers, orchids actually ,they resemble things we know well.

    To me it just scratches the surface of God's genius.

    Here they are: the one thats orange and looks like a cross is the, crucifix orchid
    The white one with the" bird" inside is called the holy ghost/ dove orchid

    These two alone just make me think of how God makes himself know through nature. :)
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  3. The other white one is the crane orchid

    The ones that look like monkeys are monkey orchids

    And the purple ones are duck orchids.
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  4. I love these. God's creativity is infinite and we get to be a part of it. Be blessed.
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  5. I like the monkey orchid hehehehehehahahahaha
  6. Its crazy to think that even after listening to everyone's prayers God still has enough time to be amazingly artistic and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!.
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  7. And to think God created us in His image, and gave us the capacity to recognize and appreciate beauty. How amazing it will be when we live in the new heaven and the new earth when there will be no more curse.
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  8. As an artist myself , all my inspiration comes from God and what He created... even my ideas come from Him.

    All I do is copy what I see :)
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