Our Core Church Group

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  1. core church group.jpg
    This is our church at the moment, from right to left, Leon, Warren, Johnny, Dario. Missing from this group is Walraven. We meet up each night in the supply room for fellowship.
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  2. I will keep each of you in my prayers as the Spirit moves; and, now I can mention you by name! Thanks, Dario, for your encouraging and thought-provoking posts and for the picture. :)

    May He continue to be in the midst of you while you fellowship and bless you guys while you are so far away from your families!
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  3. Thank you covered! That means alot! We can't wait to get back with our loved ones.
  4. This is our current core church now, from left to right
    Jeffrey, Rob, Walraven, Leon, Warren, Johnny, and myself.
    the group.JPG
  5. Welcome guys!!

    Praise God! Your group is growing! Buncha handsome men serving their Lord, family, country, and each other!!

    I pray the Lord pours out His Spirit upon each of you during your time together. May your ministry be enlarged to bring glory to our God!
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  6. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement!
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  7. keep doubling and you will have a million in no time! :)
  8. Thanks for your service.

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