Our Black Lab Retriever, Spot

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  1. Our Black Lab Retriever, Spot

    For those who are new here or do not know or remember, our Black Labrador Retriever, Spot, was severely injured on November 09, 2006 when he was going after an 'intruder' inside the Rectory fence line. Both of his Anterior Crutiate Ligaments (ACL) in his rear legs were severed. He could not walk at all after that incident and surgery could not be performed until the swelling went down ( November 27, 2006).

    I was his rear legs both before and for more than 9 months after the surgery using a towel as a belly band to support his weight for his 'potty' breaks. After the surgery, his recovery went as scheduled, but since he had BOTH rear legs involved, it was a very long recovery period. After 9 months of recovery, he could walk on his own for short distances in a straight line while on a leash. He was prevented from making any short radius left or right turns so as not to separate the surgery clamps and surgical polypropelene repairs. After one year, (November 2007), Spot was able to trot for short distances and to sit and stand up without help. Because of the daily excercise routine that our Veterinary Surgeon and I worked up for Spot, his rear legs are stronger than ever, BUT will never be 100 percent mobile, so some caution in his free-running must be observed.

    Spot was intelligence tested in 2002 and at that time, he had the intelligence roughly the same as a 3 yaer old human child and a vocabulary understandability of just over 450 words and phrases. He is an exceptional part of our family, and God blessed Spot with intelligence to understand what was going on throughout his recovery and God blessed me in changing some things in my life so I could be there for Spot 24/7 for his rehabilitation.

    I'd like to thank everyone here at CFS who has inquired as to Spot's recovery in PM over the past two years and to those who prayed for our 'buddy'. He will be 9 years old in December, and is just as much of a 'puppy' as he was at age 1. Spot was a rescued dog. If our family had not adopted him in 2000, he would have ended up on a rural farm, alone, cold and hungry some days. He has brought joy to our lives and is not a 'pet', but a full member of our family. He talks with us in facial expression, tail wags, vocalizations in 'doggy' fashion, front paw gestures and he understands us when we speak with him, not TO him.

    God has given us the opportunity to keep Spot from having to be put down and to allow him to continue to be with us to live and to love... :)

    Thank you all for your kind prayers over the past two years.
  2. What a beautiful dog , Pastor . I am so glad that Spot is doing well.

    Yes our pets do give us a lot of love and comfort . I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my two greaters who come to my door .when I come home .

    I have a black cat and you have a black dog . My cat has so many expressions of different meows and whines . It is incredible that they know so much and people do not give pets as much intellegent value as they deserve .
  3. Pastor Gary;
    Praise the Lord that Spot is doing much better and that you still have him; may he have many more healthy years ahead...
  4. Aww, i had a black lab. Miss him.
  5. An Update on Spot's injury and rehab.

    Recently, Spot was given a good report from the surgeon who repaired his rear legs in November, 2006. Amen!

    Spot can now run and play (and at age 10 - December 15, he has roughly 3 years of playing to catch up on.)

    My buddy had a rough recovery and it has taken 3 years to get back to anywhere near the mobility that he had before the accident.

    If you click on the attached image in Post # 1, that was Spot during the summertime in 2006. The trials that he has endured over the past 3 years have greyed his face, tummy and paws and have aged him. However, he has a good attitude about his life and truly understands that he is loved, not only by the family, but by God as well.

    I pray every day and thank Our Father for giving Spot the courage to go on, and I thank God that He gave me the ability to care for spot and to do the delicate daily excercises with Spot that have brought him back from nearly being put down because of the severity of the leg injuries.

    Our animal friends are not material possessions. They ARE family and we love them as any other family member.

    Blessings to all those persons who have PM'ed me over the past 3 years asking about Spot's progress. Your thoughts and prayers have been deeply appreciated.

  6. :dance::dance::dance:

    This post makes me so happy this morning!!! Praise the Lord and thank you Jesus for healing Spot!!

    Spot is absolutely beautiuful Pastor Gary. You can tell from looking at that picture that he has a sweet spirit.

    Thanks for letting us know that Spot is all better!

    Blessings, Cheri

  7. Oh I just love your story about Spot!! Praise the Lord.

    I have a dog that broke her back 6 years ago and I did the rehab with her and had gotten her a wheel chair even. She was paralized in her back end. She had to wear diapers and I did the towel around the belly thing also. She was prayed over by several and I prayed and spoke the word of God over her daily and the Lord completely healed her. It was an experience i will never forget. My little girl turned 12 in August and she is really showing her age but I am so blessed with everyday i have with her.

    6 years later she runs jumps and is just as mobile as she was before she broke her back.

    Thank yo so much for the story about Spot, it brings back such wonderful memories of how God our Lord is!

  8. Amen, Mary - Thank you as well for sharing your experience and how wonderful God is. He loves His animals and scripture tells us that there are animals in Heaven...

    Blessings -

    Pastor Gary
  9. :smiley40:OOOOOOOooo I am sooo glad that spot is doing well!!! This is such a great dog and bless you and your family PG for taking the time to care for him and love him through such a difficult thing. Praise the LORD for HIS awesome mercy!!!!:smiley40:!
  10. Praise God that your sweet dog has been healed. Spot is a very pretty dog. I know how animals can become our family members.

  11. Im Memorium

    In Memorium: Our dear Spot, December 15, 1999 to January 18, 2010.

    May our dear friend find comfort in God's outreaching arms.
  12. Amen Pastor Gary, Amen.
  13. May the memories of your dear sweet pet remain forever in your heart .
    God Bless

  14. Thanks to everyone who has followed Spot's injuries and illness since November 2006... throughout it all, he was positive in attitude, always ready to play if he was able and never lost his ability to love those who loved him.

    May God Bless.

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