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  1. Our Aim

    Check Our Aim

    James 4: 1-17

    God is showing us in this passage that it is far more important to ask Him for our needs . But when we are asking : we need to check our spirit . Even when we ask we must be mindful of our aim . - we do we want only what will give us pleasure Are we seeking a more deeper relationship with Jesus Christ .? Our needs should be lined up with the will of God in our lives and I need to also tune into His will for my life not what I think I should do or want .

    What do we think it means in the Bible when it says the Holy Spirit whom God has placed in “ All believers “ watches over us with tender jealousy ? Yes we serve a jealous God who covets our worship and praise and to Him and him alone do we worship . He gives us the strength and the power to overcome evil . But thinking about it , that strength comes only when we are humble and we don’t let pride set into our lives .

    He tells us “ to resist the devil and he will flee from us “ How do we resist the devil ? By not letting him get a foothold in our lives . By daily communing with our Father and reading His word.. When we draw close to God – He will draw close to us . And the devil has no option but to flee from our lives.

    Just remember “ Self confidence “ never pleases God . If we aim to pattern our lives after Jesus Christ , we will see that we have no room for pride and self justification .

  2. Amen. Good word Dusty. We should always remember, the meek shall inherit the earth.
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  4. Amen and Amen Sister!

  5. I am so glad to see you here Dusty.

  6. Ditto to everything already said!


  7. :amen: Thanks for this good post!
  8. Thank you every one for your warm welcome . I am still waiting to see what God has in store for me but I do feel a strong connection here so we will see. God Bless you all . I love all the new smilies .

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