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  1. I know this is a strange question, but it is hard to understand. Why was there so much polygamy in the OT?

    Back then it'd be pretty hard to be forgiven for your sins (No Jesus), so why were all of God's chosen sinful in regards to marriage?

    I know David was punished for the death of Uriah, but then he was blessed through Bathsheeba by having Solomon. I just don't get it.

    It seems like God made all the nations and Israel (And Jesus) through these polygamous relationships, why?
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  2. I've often wondered the same... why so many people did this. I know when people are repentant, God forgives and will still bless a person.
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    For example David had just married Michal, then he marries Abigail, then Ahinoam. A man as great as David surely would have repented of this, but he never does until he kills Uriah for ANOTHER wife. Kind of strange.
  4. Greetings:
    You could lump that with all the horrible stuff which the oldies lived with till the HG was given.Now with the HG,you know
    polygamy is horrible,and being Charismatic is cool,before,off to the nuthouse,and scratch...scratch..

  5. It was not just David.. Abraham, Jacob, Solomon, etc.. One thing is for sure.. There is no straight forward answer in Bible.. So every response for this question is going to be speculative in nature.. Gotquestions has a good article on the different kind of speculations..

    Though we don't have a direct answer in Bible, few things are clear.. God's original design is monogamy.. God did not create Adam and more than one women.. It was just Adam and Eve.. Through them only entire nations were to be formed.. And Jesus made this clear again in the NT.. So what about in between period? Why was it allowed? Did God change his standards? For this, there is no direct verse anyone can quote.. The best inference is, it was required in a fallen world.. And now God is restoring things back to the original design..

  6. There was something in the gotquestions link that I didn't like... it said God used polygamy to solve the problem of too many women and this was better than the woman having to go to prostitution or slavery. Sure it helped the woman who would have to be a prostitute, but it sure didn't help the wife of the man who married other women. It created a problem for her... so I don't quite buy their explanation. Polygamy causes a lot of grief for women... how painful. I don't see God solving one problem by creating another problem. Also, this makes it look like God messed up when he populated the world with too many women. There has got to be more to it.

    My opinion would be that the world is fallen and made bad decisions... but God still used their bad situations for good outcomes because He is merciful.

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