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  1. No law to follow Jesus? So do you speak in terms of one obeying the commandments or laws of God to justify ones self? Self righteousness is legalistic or legalism, and is the form of all false religion.. But our desire of obedience to Gods Word is evident in one whom God has chosen to save in Christ, through faith! There's a difference. And causing others to stumble by compromise and toleration of a blatant lie, is crossing over the border that u need to be careful of. What's wrong is wrong, and that's very evident in Christ mass
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  3. This what faith "IS" in Hebrews . this applies to all faith that IS faith .
    Faith in God comes by hearing the Word of God and that by understanding.
    If people need to be saved they need to understand the Gospel unto salvation.
    If they want to be healed they need to hear the Word of God and understand it.
    Believing that Jesus can heal is not the same as having faith to heal you .Or any body else.
    If Abraham is our father of the faithful.Then we need to read and understand how his faith had to grow . From a small mustard seed to the place where he could offer up Issaac and believed that God would raise him up from the dead.
    The writer is right what people call faith is often just hope .
    God demands we speak the truth not just with our lips but in the inward man also .
    It is not a matter of condemnation if a person gets ill nor does it show a lack of faith.
    The body is still subject to sin and death and corruption.
    But healing for instance is" the childrens bread " therefore it is our inheritance also, But faith is needed .You say or another I have faith . Yes for salvation to be BORNagain and your faith is in God .
    But look again at the life of Abraham . He had faith in God and believed God and it was counted unto him for righteousness .
    But he was at one time afraid of men if not twice . another time he did not have faith enough to wait on God for a son,
    Yet he came to understand God was almighty and there was nothing too hard for God .
    he came to understand God was God everlasting
    and God the most high and to understand that God was the just judge and the moral govenor of the whole universe and each time he came to each understanding his faith grew.

    The imagination of man is a wonderful think it can 'see' a lot of things .Not all of them true or of God .
    Some prophecy out of the imagination of their own hearts for example . The prophets of Ahab also saw what was not in truth or of God .
    To see in the scriptural sense is to have the eyes of our understanding opened .
    That comes also by the Word of God and the Spirit of God .
    We cannot deny any sickness in our bodies . nor should we deny the reality of any weakness of our frame.
    But we can cast all our burdens unto the Lord and we can mediate on those exceedign greatness of His promises that are towards us who believe and remember what God has already done who it who si with us and what he has also promised for the future and in the light and the true light of Gods living word allow our faith to grow enough that we can recieve that which God desires us to have .
    For not only is healing the childrens bread.
    Health shall spring forth speedily as we abide in Him and he in us
    and that is not all
    There is such a thing as divine health as manifested by Joshua and Cabel(?) and Moses among others.

    in Christ
  4. There is the law of sin and death.
    There is also the law of Christ.

    There is a law that says what goes up must come down .
    But there is a higher or greater law of areo dynamics that over rides the other .
    For how else can a Jumbo jet fly?
    or for that matter an "axe that did SWIM"
    it is not in the nature for an iron axe head to swim .yet the scriptures clearly states it did .
    It is not in our nature to which we are born with to do the works of God . Yet here we are
    But what sayeth the scriptures?
    "His strength is made perfect in weakness"
    Not that God 'needs' me .
    But it pleases God to take the weak and the foolish things of this earth to confound the strong and the mighty .
    Which then is greater?the stronger? the more long lasting?
    The body of the jumbo jet?
    Or the law and principles of areo dynamics?

    In Christ
  5. I agree completely. Apathy is apathetic.
  6. Just poseing a question. Why do you think anyone would have a need to have a mountain moved? Yes I understand the idea in view but it seems to me that God has granted to us the power to have faith in Jesus, that is, to recognise that Jesus is the Son of God and the Saviour of the world!

    But that is just me!

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