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  1. A little something I wrote a while back hope it blesses you.

    Some believers think if they ignore their troubles and sicknesses, this is faith – some believers say if you don't talk about your needs, this is positive confession – some believers believe if they say everything is all right even though the symptoms are still there, this is faith. To do these things is what I call ostrich religion.
    Their problem is they don't understand their rebirthing. Now, God is there a bonafide father. He knows all about you whether you tell him or not. Sticking your head in the sands of life won't impress your father.
    Many believers – when they know that the truth is not preached to them, when they know their doctrines do not match the word, when they know they are doing religious works to make it up to God for their lacking, when they keep going through the regiment of the church program knowing works won't help them spiritually, When they keep adding on sensual experiences hoping to feel more righteous are like the ostrich, sticking their heads in the sand and hoping they'll never need to face the truth that Christ is in them.
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  2. Great assessment of the symptoms, what's the cure? :D
  4. Understanding the new-birth, (no deeper knowledge in my opinion), Second Corinthians 5:17. The birthing is a real key to a believers understanding, and by it can begin to unlock the scriptures.
    Knowing the Father as your Father, revealed by Christ Himself. Having Christ revealed in you, to you as your only life, Gal. 1:11-12, 15-16.
    Not necessarily in any set order, and any number of ways, for lack of a better way of saying it, but the Father using this world as a schoolhouse for His children that He has birthed by taking a part of Himself, Christ," and placing (birthing) Him in the believer.
    We have been taught everything under the sun but Paul's gospel must be revealed, Gal. 1:11-12. Paul's Gospel was a person and that person (Christ) was preached as the believers only life.
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  5. Faith is not just not speaking your problems what you might be experiencing, and seeing with your flesh, nor is it just speaking things that are not as they are were. It is "seeing" your faith completed in the spirit. If you never see the mountain removed, and cast into the sea, that mountain is not going anywhere!
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  6. That's my point, those are powerful words, but most Christians don't even know what that means in the practical life. You gave perfect concrete examples of what Christians are doing wrong, but only "be in Christ" as the answer - which IS the answer, but it's not concrete enough. Understand what I mean? Many of the body of Christ are perpetual babes because they don't understand what "be in Christ" means in their daily lives. They can relate 100% to your op, so, do the same thing for the solution. :) I'm not debating, I'm honestly asking. This is the very and sole reason I love Jim Richards. Looking forward to hearing more on your thoughts! (y) Great thread!
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  7. I have a little saying, "see through all things to Him." Example; the season we are in (Christmas), instead of fighting through all the Hoop-La the world makes in commercializing it, I try to "see through it" to Him.
    Keeping my mind and thoughts on His glorious birth in a Manger and wonderful Birth of our savior. Not just this Holiday Season, but in all things.
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    Your example of Christmas should be that of exposing it as the falsehood it is, as "to be in Christ". Am I rt?? I'm sure many on here know that December 25 was adopted by Roman Catholicism. Pagan Rome christianized it's birth of their pagan god mithra "the unconquerable sun" in the season of winter solstice and saturnalia. It has absolutely nothing to do with the birth of Christ Jesus!! That's a truth which most will not stand on "in Christ". Or better yet keep their head in the sand correct? Why? Because the compromise and toleration of falsehood, is the norm today in the professing "church". The commercialism of it all, is just the fruit of its wickedness.. The peripheral things we see from a sinful world is exactly what the "church" resembles today. And that you celebrate the false anti christ "christ MASS" of popery that mocks our Lord and blasphemes Christ and His Word! And isn't even the day He was birthed, much less the season He came into this world! Amazing! But yet ask if professing "Christians" care? No no, they will justify it someway rt? How has popery and its teachings changed since the days of the reformation? None at all!! But the vast majority of "Protestants" certainly has.. So who's in Christ today apart from sound doctrine?! To be in Christ is to stand on His truth! To love Gods truth above all things. Who's resting in Christ? To praise our Savior for His love and mercy in saving sinners! Not compromising as daughters of Rome and going along with its Babylonian luciferian "holy" days.. And to be in Christ will cut to the core of this whole issue, like God brought out during the reformation! That is, by grace alone in Christ alone through faith alone and that by scriptures alone! God is Sovereign! And this issue will separate the sheep from the goats. And ultimately show who's " in Christ"
  9. Yes you may be right but again it is your choice to fight it or see through all things to Him who was born into a lost degernerate world, to save it.
    He gives us His Father to be our Father. I simply chose this time of the year to celebrate so great a Love as this.
    Let the pagans be pagan still, let those that lie-cheat-steal-rob, do it still.
    We must preach the word word-in or out- of season.
    You are not going to change the world by not celebrating a certain season, whatever that would be.
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  10. You're rt.. It's my choice to fight to speak out against the lie of christ mass. And it's also your choice and freedom to worship Christ as you please, in truth! Not trying to change the world. I have no power to do so, but speak the truth in Christ. But as believers we are to be a light in a dark world, and the Lord will draw His elect out!! The world is in bondage to sin and satan. Only God can deliver a sinner from that by His grace in Christ!
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  11. I understand what you are saying and have done that myself. We have Diff ways of reaching a lost world and I believe there is nothing wrong with that. We are trying to reach people, Amen!!!
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  12. Excellent comment!
  13. Do you think that a great number of Christians just "go along" with Christmas to "get a long" with all the others?
  14. Sure. Lemmings and tradition :D I have a tree up... why? Tradition. Fond memories. Do we give gifts, not bought ones. I won't be sucked up into the material aspect of this modern Godless tradition.
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  15. I agree completely. BUT isn't that why so many Christians give and get presents and have tress and so on and so on. Isn't it more to get along with those around themselves than it is by conviction?
  16. Certainly.
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  17. I believe a number of professing Christians no nothing behind the meanings on why a tree is put up or many traditional values and practices that come with Christ mass. Although it's an individual responsibility to learn yourself and teach your kiddos the truths, the blame as well goes on the so called christian leaders and pastors who teach nothing on this topic. Much less many great topics.. Simply because controversial topics divide! Or they simply don't care.. Many dont care one bit if told these truths!! Amazing rt? But that's the mentality of our culture today in the "church"! We are compfy here in "Egypt", with all its pleasures! Yes I grew up with great memories during this time of the year as well. But those memories of this tradition we practice shouldn't dictate how we look at the truth behind its pagan true origins. I know how very hard it is not to participate with family and friends all around u doing it, but my convictions of its lies, compels me to speak out when I'm led to. As well to stop practicing its traditions and practices.
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  18. Speaking the truth is one thing, be careful not to cross the legalistic boarder. I make informed decision and my family knows all about it.

    Titus 1:15a
    Unto the pure all things are pure...​
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  19. And what is to cross the border over to legalism?
  20. There is no law to those that follow Jesus, so don't make any new ones... that's legalism.
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