Osas (once Saved Always Saved) Eternal Security?

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Stan, May 27, 2013.

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  1. Don't see OSAS in this scripture either.

  2. I'm pretty sure someone who "loses his mind", cannot consciously walk away from Jesus. It takes full possession of your faculties to do so. Not sure what this has to do with OSAS though?
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  3. Very nice, but we are dealing with OSAS, not how we are to walk with Christ. You're preaching to the choir here IJ.
  4. That's ok I do. Stan if you don't take your "brain drugs" and then you go out and say kill someone does that mean you lose your salvation?

  5. I have already shown that to not be so Jack.
    Senile people do NOT live in the present, they can only live in their memories IF they even have any. This does NOT effect their salvation.
  6. Stan lets get right to the point shall we? Not only can one NOT become un-born-again...each child of God is chosen to be a child of God even before they were born, as a matter scriptural fact before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 1:4,5
  7. Exactly Stan and as a matter of fact nothing can separate us from Jesus. Nothing I can do will make me un-born-again.

  8. I suggest you read the thread and then comment Grappler. Or at least read Heb 6:4-6. God planned EVERYTHING before He started creation. He did not react. God's plan was perfect and provided for ALL contingencies. IF you read Eph 1:4-5, IN conjunction with what Paul also teaches in Romans 8:28-30, you will see everything God has done is based on His FOREKNOWLEDGE. Here in Eph 1:4, Paul says the same thing. He chose us IN Him. The IN Him happens first then He chooses those who He knows will be faithful to His call. NOBODY is predestined to be saved, ONLY to be like Christ.

  9. The verse speaks of EXTERNAL forces Grappler, not our own free will. Again read Heb 6:4-6.
    By the way, the word is DEAD, not un-born-again, and yes IF we walk away, we are effectually dead.

  10. Then exegete it Grappler. Also don't cross post.
  11. No you didn't. You only disagree with it. I asked if you could exegete those verses and you never did.
  12. Ahhh so we choose Him first and then He chooses us is that it? Nice try but that is not what it says Stan my man. My salvation began with God i don' know about yours. It all begins with God. Here is what Stan said "NOBODY is predestined to be saved." Here is what the apostle Paul said " For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers." I think i will go with Paul on this one thank you very much.:)
  13. Exegete it?? I can do better than that Stan my man. Here i will just let Jesus' words say it all. "ALL that the Father has GIVEN me will come to me. (are you with me so far?) and whoever comes to me i will NEVER cast out." Do you not even understand that Jesus is talking about salvation?? Do you understand that those that the Father has given Jesus will ALL be forever with Jesus? To be forever with Jesus is indeed to be saved Stan. Wow i thought this :LOL: was "Mickey Mouse" stuff.

  14. Of course I did Jack, in post 210 for one. I address it, you go silent, then you come back and say the same things again.

  15. I'm NOT your man Grappler. Paul said Those He foreknew (those who loved His son) He predestined to be CONFORMED to the image of His son. You see the words but interpret it through your doctrinal bias instead of seeing WHAT the scripture is saying. 1 Peter 1:2 says the same thing that Paul does here. You conveniently ignore verses like Mark 16:16, 2 Peter 3:9, John 12:44, John 7:38, John 5:24, John 11:25-26, John 3:16. What do they all convey Grappler? They convey that WHOEVER believes is saved, NOT who God decides is to be saved.
    You can only GO with Paul if you understand and properly exegete scripture. You have failed to do so in this regard.
  16. Jesus says this is a couple of places Grappler...which one are you trying to use?
    So then you accept that Jesus says WHOEVER? You just advocated God chooses. WHICH is it?
    Nobody has said Jesus casts out anyone. The OP is OSAS. Maybe you should study what OSAS means, then make another attempt at supporting it with PROPERLY exegeted scripture.
    Actually to be forever with Jesus is Eternal Life Grappler, which you must be saved to receive.
  17. Hey Stan, He did exegete the passages correctly. God does predestinate unto salvation. It's pretty clear.
  18. If you think this explains your position or exegetes John 5:24 and I John 5:13, the the answer is, you really have no answer, which kinda of what I thought. You still haven't explained why you contradict the plain reading of these two verses. There is nothing exegetical in this post.

  19. That you don't or won't see it doesn't mean I haven't done it. You are so bound by your doctrinal view you give no chance for the Holy Spirit to show you. In addition you have no responses for the many times I have broken this down for you. I see no reason to continue to try and teach you something you are NOT willing to learn. YOU have been properly instructed.
  20. Or, another possibility is, you really have no answer and you're hoping I don't notice. I love your quip that I've been "properly" instructed.
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